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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNPAuTo, Jan 4, 2004.


Whats the deal with french toast?!?!?

  1. Is it the butter?

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  2. Or maby the chicken....

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  3. What about the beer bong!!

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  4. nah itds just the chicken!!

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  1. you ever been at a friends house high as fuck, with an ass of weed, whos mom doesnt give a fuck, not knowing what the fuck is goingo on, blahj gorarr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. well ....yes actualy
  3. It's definitely the chicken....
  4. i agree that its the chicken,
    couple of times,one time we forgot to spray cologne on us and his mom smelled it,she yelled and threw stuff at us

  5. well, that's a definite high killer. but yes I have been in this situation
  6. Is it the butter?

    yeah, it's so the fucking butter. you guys gotta back me up on this one!

    tell me this, how could it not be the butter?
  7. but what about the beer bong
  8. butter his ass up

    smak him with the chicken

    hit the beer bong

    put on some cologne

    and get the fuck out!

  9. My friends mum let us sit in his livin room rollin up some j's, then we went in the garden and smoked a j each, all 3 of us were baked the whole night, then his mum showed us her lil stash, lol

  10. l just wanna know what mumma looks like she hot or what ???.lol.

    And is she making the food ???

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