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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Big Poppa Puff, Aug 18, 2003.

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  1. ever eaten a Georgia Peach. A georgia peach is probably one of the most juicest and sweetest things you can ever eat. First you pick up a Georgia peach and hopefully its the best looking one around. When you get the peach home its best to gently hold it in your hands and look at how pretty it is and think just how good she is going to taste. Her skin is so soft but yet just firm enough to hold all that juice in. And a Peach has just the right amount of hair on it. Just enough hair to let you know its ripe for eating but not too much to get in the way or stuck in your teeth. As you get back to looking at a Georgia Peach, you notice that she has a sweet little dimple on one side, not some big crack to dive in. And its in this sweet little dimple all covered in fuzz that you first sink your mouth in. But not with too much teeth, use your whole mouth, lips to, when eating a Georgia Peach. And if the juice runs out of your mouth and down your chin, don\'t worry, that\'s what towells are for.

    Sensi, this post is dedicated to you. BPP :D
  2. I knew this had to be about the best peach... I love eatting georgia peaches... They are the juciest and best tasting!!!
  3. *drool*

    why must you tease me..

    see this is why I love the box. I can never get enough of the box. now.....I.... must go...

  4. your already here.....

    an hey, you know what they say....everything is sweeter from the south...:)
  5. yeah I didnt have to go far to touch myself

  6. why how far\'s the mirror?

  7. ive never did coke and touched myself before..how it is?

  8. well its better then getting all smashed..... and confusing that nasty guy with the mullet at the bar with that hot chick you wanted to get down with last week..... well you live an ya learn i guess huh??? :D

  9. just because I confused her doesnt mean YOU had to be the one to move in and do shim!

  10. well how else would i get close to you.....;)

    i needed to let you know that your cheap ass was buying the next round....:D

  11. It\'s good, Sensi. Really good!

  12. ha !!

    see........ not that i would know but you know....:)
    its the point that others agree....damn it!
  13. well shit, like I cant get myself off fast enough if I want too lmao...omg..

    hell im not doing anything tomorrow night :)
  14. god i love the city, always something fun here!

  15. and if theres not.....we\'ll pop a few brews an make it fun... ya heard\' :p

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