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have you smoked through your nose??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by sidious, May 16, 2003.

  1. i just felt like doing it, and did, with my bong.....and you get a really good hit......has anyone tried this?.......(and now you's are thinking......WTF....why did he feel liike doing that?)....well i was blowing out through my nose and thought...mmmmm....lol.....and yes i am stoned....lol......Peace out.........Sid
  2. hahaha! done that too. its strange, but you do get a smooth hit.

    tried it with joints too. i dont reccomend doing it with joints that contain tobacco... its fine with pure joints tho.
  3. lol... yous guys are crazy.. i'll have to try that next time I spark a jay...
  4. I couldnt smell for over a week

    but it was a mad good rip :)
  5. never tried that. but I have a pure joint begging for me to smoke it tonite. Oh an only 2 hours and 35 minutes til I get to see Reloaded!
  6. it burned me when i tried it. my friend gave me a shotgun off a blunt last week and i inhaled it through my nose cuz i was a little drunk.. when i smoke blunts and joints, i do what my friends call the french inhale. i inhale most of it, but i puff the excess smoke out and inhale it through my nose. it looks cool.

  7. LOL, i got the fuckin funniest mental image, hittin like a 4 foot bong w/ ur nose

  8. i used to do that loads.. especially when i was a silly little kid starting to smoke cigs.

    its also known as the irish waterfall. ;)
  9. doing it up your nose gets u stoned quicker cause its going straight through up 2 ya brain. i only do it through my nose if i dun have to much weed left so i can get more of a buzz off it :)
  10. I always fill the chamber in my bong with smoke, then nose hit it. I also give myself shotguns when I'm smoking a joint.
  11. no, dude! i toked a J through my nose once and all it did was burn :(

    but here's a challenge: toke a pipe through your nose.
  12. Never even would try to toke a joint through my nose, or a pipe or whatever. Just shotguns... They get me higher.
  13. just dont try smoking it through your nose when its someone elses joint/blunt/pipe/bong!

  14. yet another un written rule.

    trust me, if you hit it out of something that doesnt cool the smoke, youll be smellin bud for a good few days
  15. Shotties through the nose are great! At first they hurt a lot and they make your eyes water, but they go straight to the head...I LOVE NOSE SHOTTIES!!!

  16. hmmm, trying to find the problem in this :D

  17. lol.

    ...aw... damn

    i was just gonna type lol and leave it at that... but i thought why its a problem...
    you wont be able to smell your bud to tell how good it is and people might rip you off with crap saying its good.
  18. what i di to stop burn, is to take a big hit normally, and then exhale......which leaves the chamber of the bong full of smoke....wait a few seconds and then slowly inhale the remaing smoke through my nose, and then hold a few sec's and then exhale through my mouth...........glad to see that i'm not the only person who does it....lol.....Peace out.......Sid
  19. nope never tried it through my nose, i bet it burns like madd though... lol
  20. bear in mind that i smoke with hash and not grass....well not till harvest time......and it was very smooth.........Peace out.........Sid

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