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have you smoked blue god?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toker79, May 16, 2011.

  1. sup blades, have you ever smoked a strain called 'blue god'? it's supposed to be dank as shit and I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with this strain they can share... I just picked up an eighth of it and will report back soon :smoke::smoke:
  2. the blasphemy..
  3. i smoked god bud once, and tons of blueberry sounds like a hybrid to me.
  4. Uh yup...I got some right now....

    I even used an eighth to make BHO...

    It's a good strain :yummy:
  5. well I'm fucking stoned. excellent strain :bongin::bongin:
  6. No, but if god has revealed himself as a blue colored weed get at me
  7. fuck strain names.... good is good and regs is regs... really
  8. blue god is among the dankest dank. up there with northern lights and trainwreck. you haven't smoked those strains if you think 'good is good'. but i agree that all good weed is good :)
  9. Yeah, most of the strains that you hear a lot about have distinct things about their high. Some are slighter than others in how distinct they are.. And a few have turned out to just feel like some normal real good weed. But there's enough reason to have them I think

  10. I have smoked pretty much all of it... A strain I haven't tried is Silver Haze but to me it's all just kill.
  11. bump. anyone else have any experiences with this strain?
  12. It looked pretty cool but it wasn't a memorable smoke imo.
  13. Never ever in ma life
  14. blue cod? damn someone should name a strain Call of Duty kush.. it would be 100% indica :D

  15. Wrong.

    People enjoy certain strain highs more than others. Strains produce different effects and medicinal purposes.

    I will agree that regs is regs, mainly because regs don't have a strain name.

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