Have you seen this? Get high through intravenous injection of THC/Cannabinoid

Discussion in 'General' started by smokerones, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Ive heard about, but not for me no thanks, i hate needles.
  2. THC and cannabinoid? cannabinoid is a class of chems found in cannabis.
  3. yeah... one day they injected her with THC with cannabinoids and she had a great uplifting high. the next day they injected pure THC and she bugged out.
  4. THC was allways my drug of choice because there way to do things like this.
    What has the world become.
  5. the 1st clip made me laugh my ass off.
  6. I'm watching the first clip. That doctor tramp was irritating with all her crazy nightmarish warnings.
  7. i love the plant itself though.

    they way it looks, smells and tastes.

    and how every plant looks smells and tastes DIFFERENT!

    oh and it gets me stoned.:hello::hello:
  8. ahh NO THANKS!!!
    i hate needles
    smokin is just better for u
  9. Oddly enough, the only way to possibly achieve THC overdose is through intravenous use.

    Would still need a lot of THC though.
  10. There's a section of the documentary where she visits a doctor who has been studying the effects of smoking pure marijuana as opposed to marijuana mixed with tobacco and his findings show irreversible lung damage... scary but hasn't stopped me from smoking yet.
  11. interesting . . .

  12. i think they meant this. link.

    and as far as the documentary goes. just watched all 6 on youtube. didnt really learn anything expect the fact that cannabis is not legal in Holland by definition. so yea. ok documentary, imo.
  13. Quoted From Truth buddy!
  14. i don't think i could ever inject myself with anything. it creeps me out.

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