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  1. 3 week old seedling. Indoor grow except for 8 hours real sunlight daily. I came home from work today and this is what was on 1 plant. Can anyone tell me what the brown spots are? Straight water water with light b-1 additive for rooting. Help!

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  2. Flush are you using nutrients ? looks like nute burn.
  3. Those little fuckers are three weeks old and not 3 in tall. I was assured miracle grow all purpose wouldnt burn. I used 1/8 tsp all purpose in 1/2 gallon of water. I also used a b-1 additive laast Monday. I mixed it up 1/4 the recommended mixture. Up to that point I had used straight water. I used the miracle grow Friday night.
  4. Miracle grow tends to burn regardless :/ or so iv read when I was a newb grower.
  5. Check this thing out. I named him Vern Troyer. He's 30 days old Wednesday.

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  6. I never would have even tried it if they weren't so slow growing. Maybe I'm impatient.
  7. check the ph level
  8. that's pretty small for 30 days..i'm thinking stunted but by ph or bad genetics ? where did you get your seeds? are ttey freebies that came with your order?
  9. I split the crop in half. The whole thing is potted in miracle grow potting soil. I transplanted when the roots were coming out the sides of the p pots. I started using b-1 when the yellowing became pervasive. That was last week. I started using the watered down miracle grow when I saw red streaks on the stems. I've decided to go 18/6 and use the miracle grow on half the crop. The other half will go straight water and 24/7 as they have been light wise. My friend thinks I may shock them to flower if I go 18/6. I think they are too immature.

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  10. I had no avenue for clones so I used seeds saved from dank herb saved from the last 2-3 years. I had 16, 9 sprouted.

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