Have you seen Event Horizon?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Mar 5, 2004.


Have you seen Event Horizon?

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  1. Just wondering cos 3 out of four of my mates havnt.

    Brillient film!
  2. that movie was kinda freaky.. i can only remember the part when they turned the gravity back on and all the bodies fell back to the floor.. it was pretty cool...
  3. It is a wicked film. its the only sci-fi horror i know without aliens. If there are others. they surly cant be better lol.
    REally freaky tho.
  4. 2001: A Space Odyssey!!

    come on krapp!!!
  5. i hated that movie because all the scares were: loud noises during quiet times, things popping out of corners. there were no lasting scares. all it did was make u jump. kinda cheap in my opinion
  6. thats sucha bizarre movie
    it was even really as scary as it was just messed up
  7. dont remind me that movie gave me some bad dreams that i didnt like at all
  8. i love this movie! even now it creeps the shit outta me! the parts that really got to me was the audio/video of what happened to the event horizon, where it shows all the crew memebers going crazy and killign each other/themselves and stuff.... shiver.
  9. i'd have to disagree and say that i was rather disappointed when i saw it. Sam Niel makes a lousy villian/antagonist.
    Lawrence fishbourne was ok tho. I don't remember much about the movie or the story besides the fact that the actors you recgonize have done much better films.
  10. i hate 2001. boring, and didn't even have an ending. if someone can explain it to me, maybe i'll like it more.

    event horizon though.... LIBERATE TU TA ME ET INFERNIS!!!!!!!

    or something like that

    *pulls his guts out of his mouth* arrrrrrrrrrrggggggh!!!!!!!!!!
  11. haha i just finished watching it again, i LOVE it.

    Its awesome. Like they mightmares they have when they come out of statis and u think there real(first time lol) i always forget where wier hides the bomb lol.

    ewwwww no eyes
  12. I remember seeing it in the theater. That was something else. It gives you a perspective into what could happen if we invented faster-than-light travel...creepy.
  13. "I know, i JUST finished watching it, and now my views on time travel are this, iif it becomes possible to time travel, i know i sure as lol hell, are not going first."

    you got that right lol
  14. It's not about time travel or going faster than light speed. It's about going to hell and bringing satan back.

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