Have you posted when your high?

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Jun 7, 2002.


So have you?

  1. Yees

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  2. Nooo

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  3. Probalby (to high to remember!)

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  1. Have you posted when your high?
  2. I am know, so thats a yess for me.!! (I;m rially rially hirgh!!!!)!
  3. ALot more than not.
  4. I posted once when I was'nt high, but I just did'nt seem to understand it!
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  5. pretty much always having to type up the posts with one hand because the other is usually busy holding a joint or blunt
  6. i post when im high but not as much any more cuz i always write the wrong words, misspell....and u know.... ill be trying to ask how old some one is end end up seducing them.thats life.
  7. i think one time i wasnt high, but i cant really remmember it
  8. I am blazing now does that..................................cough chough that count?
  9. When don't I?
  10. schools out!!!! :D
  11. i post when high and when i cant get any weed almost as much as each other... only differance is i complain less when stonned and stop to take bong hits!

  12. yoooo man Im mad high too!!!! haha ownage111!!!!!
  13. I have, took me a while to do it. Kept forgetting what I was gonna say.

  14. has anyone NOT posted high?


  15. Man your one top stoner :) lol

  16. Um, I guess I have if that's what you call what I'm doing right now. ;)
  17. i always post when im high..well im always high...im high right now....high to everyone at grasscity...HIGH HIGH HIGH
  18. er..lol hehe
  19. no not yet, im waiting for the right moment.

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