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Have you ordered from grasscity?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by icystriker, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I just spent 25$ on some stuff last wednesday. They said they will send me an email with a tracking number when it ships, and I have yet to get it. Seems a little slow to me. Also, are they pretty good at delivering? They said 8-10 business days, which seems sort of unrealistic if it hasn't even shipped. How were your experience ordering from GC?
  2. GC is good, depending on where you are located, shipping might take awhile. Just be patient and if you have any problems you should contact customer support vs coming to us.
  3. I heard that their shipping costs a lot, but I also hear they ship it really safely in terms of not breaking any glass you may have ordered.
  4. Website won't work for me at all.

    Very sadface I'm trying to get a new grinder and will have to go into central London lol
  5. Everyone Does It... Since your in london
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    I live in California, so west coast Us.

    Ordered a bong, got confirmation 4 days later.

    Took about 3 weeks to get here, but it was well worth the wait.
  7. I'm east coast. Massachusetts.
  8. Same. I've heard that shipping to around Ohio took 11 days, so for us it would be like 8-9. Going to order a bong on Monday or Tuesday.

  9. Yeah I ordered a bong too :D and a grinder. Pretty cheap but I'm just a casual smoker so it's all good.
  10. Is it illegal to order a smoking device from GC?
  11. Nope. Water pipes are legal for smoking tobacco. Grinder for the same. Screens to keep the tobacco in place. Pipes for portable tobacco smoking.

    Oh, insert quotations around tobacco.
  12. It sorta kinda is. Sometimes US Customs will seize your shiz...

    It took 10 business days for me to receive my bong, and I live in Cleveland.

    To OP: You only have two business days counted, just relax and be patient.
  13. it took my bong 5 weeks to arrive and the female joint was broken. fortunately it was fixable and i did it myself.

    i'm sure their shipping process is much better than my experience though
  14. I'm guessing a search could have answered this
  15. Man I ordered a bong exactly one month ago today and haven't gotten it yet. >=[
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    Keep hope alive

  17. You should contact them to see whats up
  18. Sounds good mang
  19. Ordered from GC 5 times and always got my shit, always took forever too though, my bong got stuck in customs for 2 months once!

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