Have you noticed any glitches in the Matrix?

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  1. First post here blades so I guess it is an intro and mind boggler.

    So one of the forums that troll had this very question posted as a thread. I was thinking that this is the best forum to repeat it in.

    Many say that our world and life's are nothing but a program. If it is a program then there should be some glitches, should there not?

    Since this forum is dedicated to mind altering substances I would assume that users would be more susceptible to a glitch. What have you seen or felt that would lead you to believe our reality is not what we believe?

    Mine would be Deja Vu

    Once the smoke clears I am sure we will have a definite answer :smoking:
  2. deja vu is a "skipping" in your brain..like the current in your head changes directions and goes down the long term memory part and stimulates this part so thats why you could swear your life on it that this has happened...

    if indeed we were in a program, there isn't any 'glitches' its a perfect program...everything happens bc it happens

    welcome to the city, this tho i believe should be in the Spirituality And Philosophy - Grasscity.com Forums section :)

  3. Thank you for the deja vu explanation <3

    What about...Does anyone get that wierd feeling that, what you are doing, isnt really happening? Or things just dont feel "real" i guess. I get it sometimes, usually when im doing nothing...I got it last week while driving down the highway past a local grocery store. Just didnt feel like I was actually driving by. idk its wierd lol

  4. This what I am talking about. I was at a wing place tonight and got the feeling that nothing was what it appeared. Everything and everyone seemed to be strategically placed in the restaurant and just set in motion. I couldn't put my finger on it or in it...
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    Derealization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ya i actually try to have these, to try and enchance my lucid dreaming...kinda like 'testing your environment incase i might be dreaming..so when I am dreaming i might perform a similar test and poof i gain complete/almost control over the dream)

    unless...schizophrenia is the first step into reality...:p

    :edit: ah and with that whole everything was set in place kinda thing...wow that shit is scary...its like for me, my mind covers the world..(atleast whats around me at the moment) and everything is reacting to my thoughts/unconcious thoughts..its like everything/everyone was there because they knew I was gonna be thinking this string of thoughts.....it felt more like a puppet master controlling the world around me..
  6. i swear, i have this jacket, and on the inside is a patch containing info about how to was it and what not

    and for weeks since i had it i always noticed the patch was in the middle of the inside of my jacket, and i swear it was in the middle

    i look one day, about 4 days ago, and it had shifted to one side! either i was trippin the entire time, or something weird happened
  7. Damn man, I'll get the programmers on it right away!

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