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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NaughtyDread, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. whats up people! just a simple question. and as you read it youll probably figure im just reaching for the impossible. have you ever mistaken a female plant for a male plant and vice versa?

    im just asking because on my gro, 2 plants have shown sex, and the other two have also i think, but im not sure of what they are. im almost 100% they are male, but the pods that are on them are spade shaped. but no trichomes. the other 2 plants have trichomes, but are clearly a different strain.

    another reason why i ask is because i have read in the past of people who have mistaken. so im hoping there is someone who's reading has.

    it is possible for it to take longer to show flowers when on 12/12 for certain strains? has anyone ever grown any indica dominent strains and noticed the spade shaped pods, but no trichomes? do these appear later or is it as i figured a male. the pics are in my other thread. sorry. prompt answers from indica growers much appreciated thanks in advance!
  2. my 1st grow was thai (natral hermi) and it blew my mind tryin to sus the males from the fems.

    as a rule the fems take a bit longer to show sex.

    u get the flowers b4 u get the resin glands.

    let them go a bit longer and the difrances will become clear. if u really r confused after waiting then pull a few flowers off wot u think is a male and pop them open... do u find pollon or a hairy stem?
  3. thats what we decided to do...going to let it go for another 3 days and pull some off. im still hoping though for the best, by far the idicas look the best, it would be so dissapointing.

    clones will be taken if the indicas do show to be males. again fingers crossed.

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