Have you met anyone from GC?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlazinBlizzard, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Have once and it was chill...will chill with more eventually :)
  2. Hillsburritoan not sure I would want to though yet.
  3. *Cough*

  4. Nope i havn't yet. I'd definately do it though, anyone in Sydney, Australia?
  5. Everyone I meet on GC I already knew and NO I wouldn't want to meet any of you freaks and your fucked up drugs,
    your all CRACKHEADS if you ask me.
  6. I'd be down after PM'ing someone a few times. Certain number of posts too. Some verification would be cool too. I know before meeting someone I would send my myspace or facebook to em. Any Blades in Fresno?
  7. naw, but i would really like to. Anyone here from Vancuver, British columbia Canada? :wave:
  8. I met someone off a different weed site..
    Ended up buyin a ozone off me and been kickin it ever since.
  9. I dunno maybe i would be down.
  10. I've got weed and lollipops in the back of my bullet proof white van...
    Want to party?
  11. I overheard these 2 guys and a chick at burger king talking about "Incredible Edible Herb" Section and posting their "great idea" and getting "tons of rep" for it.

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    I've had about 3 people asking me to hook them up, I couldn't do it yet, cause I have no connections. :(

    When I do get some weed, I'll be down to burn with some GC peeps.
    Sounds sketchy but hey take the risk and bring a weapon with ya. Hahaha J/K though.

    Any GCers in Fremont? Hahaha

  13. Lame.
  14. I have, the kid is pretty cool, its always good to have new smoking buddies. But there's a lot of factors, im not gunna go into details but basically I'm down to just smoke with some people, like if they just wanna chill out and blaze im always down, that's one of the better parts of smoking, plus i dont think its illegal to meet up with someone and smoke, if it is and it turns out to be and undercover I would just be very surprised and say you got me, now give me my phone call, and in a day it would be over with.

  15. Hell yea, only if i bring a gun to test out that bulletproof theory, not that i don't believe you, i just think it would be an experience at the least to shoot up someones van, :smoking:
  16. a dude i knew from before then just found out last week hes on here too.

    im pretty sure ive met others at festies but dont remember. I :love: Lucy :D
  17. Shiiiit, I've meant some of my best friends online.

    If your from the 724 or 412 hit me up!
  18. Want to but the few people that live near 727 never replied : /

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