Have you met anyone from GC?

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  1. I Smoked Out All The GC Mods In A Big Ass Hummer On The FreeWay:bongin:....

  2. yeah why not :p
    but like earlier posters said I would probably only do it with long time members with rep

    but maybe one day it will happen :D
  3. I met up with thelastkennedy from here. We talked in PM's for a while because we were both live in the bay area so we were wondering what was up with getting some doses. Eventually he told me he was going in the city for some with some friends and I could tag along with them if I could get out there. So I did, I brought a nice blunt and we cheifed not 10 minutes after meeting each other for the first time in person. I had a bit of trust in this guy since he has been a GC member for a couple years now. I don't regret it since I had one of the most spiritual trips ever with that guy and him and his friends were cool as fuck so the entire adventure with them(~30 hours) was awesome and different and it was also nice to get away from the people/places I am familiar with.

    I wouldn't advise or recommend doing it but I did it and it turned out ok and I would probably be down to meet up with any other people as long as they are respected here.
  4. id be all about meeting some people, once i get a better feel for everyone. i was on another forum for almost eight years, and had met loads of people. there were plenty of times we arranged week long visits from out of state. i meet the best people online.
  5. Yes, but he had full rep, and thousands of posts, plus he was like GC famous and shit!
  6. Hell yeah I would, I love meeting new people, especially when there is green involved :D

    It seems like everybody in Oregon is either in Eugene, Salem or Portland. Portland wouldn't be too far by Max, but Beaverton isn't close to most people, I'd imagine.
  7. +1

    Im more than up to it if it doesnt involve traveling. Id only travel to Holland for that :D
  8. No, I don't really trust some people what if there a cop.
    Like an under cover one.
    Or maybe im just sketching.
  9. Yea, and OP you are pretty close to me and I go to Boulder all the time (half my buds are there).
  10. It would be cool to meet some people but not without getting to know them well first. Ive had people PM me asking me for hook-ups and thats so sketchy to me, like who is gonna meet up with someone that just sent them a random PM online? i would totally be down with doing it though, if your on Long Island hit me up :hello:
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  12. Idk it might be weird chill in with someone from the net, but hey i like meeting new people. Anyone from the louisville KY area?
  13. Yes, I have. :wave:
  14. i have once and i got fuckin locked up right after!!!

    HAHAHA just kiddin!! met up wit dis white dude that lived like 45min. away from me...wiredest shit ever!!!
  15. ....:confused:....:bongin:
  16. Yeah and there's a couple other blades I plan on meeting up with also.
  17. just the thought of meeting up with a random person on the internet makes me get the most queezy feeling
  18. HAHA if i ever did this i would bring some random shit just in case i got busted or something. i would have like Mustard, condoms, toothpaste, and a butt plug in my bag so if they search me it would be like some Chris Hansen to catch a predator shit!

    Cops:"Did you bring anything with you?"

    Me:"no, i swear. we were just going to watch a movie"

    Cops:"Whats this stuff in your bag then?"

    Me:"Uh...Nothing really, this is just a big misunderstanding! I don't even like sex! "

    Cops:"A butt plug? mustard? TOOTHPASTE??? Johnson, it appears these boys were getting ready to do a European gym sock! When will these poor kids learn the dangers of masturbation, there always looking for a quick fix..."
  19. +Rep i ((LoL'd))

  20. Never have, but id be down for it...

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