Have you met anyone from GC?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlazinBlizzard, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I just smoked with a person who contacted me through GC. I know, a little sketchy, but he was chill, had dank bud. All around nice guy, Ill probable continue smoking with him

    Anyone else met anyone new through GC? Would you ever consider it?

  2. i might, but only meeting up in a public place at first.

    its sketchy as hell but, hey sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith.
  3. Nah, I haven't yet, and I don't plan to, it'd take quite a few other members to convince me someone was legit before I'd want to even think about meeting up. Maybe I'm paranoid, maybe not? :confused_2:
  4. I dont know if I would want to take my chances meeting someone who on the off chance may be a psychotic killer!!

    Maybe it's just me tho.....:eek:
  5. i met up with some members at a festy and had a good ass time, hash, doses, molly, and of course GRASs
  6. I'd only trust the blades who have been here for a long time with a lot of good rep. Other than that it would take some convincing.

    Like for example I would want to smoke with OldSkoolGrower (sorry if I butchered your name :p). He seems like a cool guy to hang with.
  7. ya man buddy had two posts. I was sketchin good, but he goes to my school so it wasnt to bad :)
  8. Nope, no one lives around here... maybe when I move to Pitt soon, but I doubt anyone will be there either.
  9. no i havent, but i would be very down to

  10. you from La Verne TN??

    I used to live in Brentwood:wave:
  11. i have met a fellow blade before...it was real chill...and i plan on meeting a few more if i ever travel.
  12. ^^ ive had bad luck with brentwood cops lol

    i would be down to hang out with somebody from here but probably not smoke with them until after hanging out with them a few times. lol then again i probably wouldnt wait.

  13. WAVERLY??? omfg dude I have a huge farm on the duck river!!! you know where fork river road is? close to lorretta lyne's...

    I got charges in humphreys co. im still on probation

  14. Nah man. Im in La Verne, CA

  15. lol small world, there isnt much out this way. thats by bakerville rd i think. lol 30 mile yard sale starts tomorrow out there. im down clydeton.
  16. I haven't. I feel like it'd be even riskier being a girl. But I'm not against the idea. I just would never know how to go about suggesting it without seeming like a huge merve..
  17. one time i met this kid at his college and we smoked a blunt in the bathroom with the shower on, in the dorms they have smoke detectors in the living rooms, and it was chill did some business with him at later dates
  18. if anyone lives around sydney msg me :)
  19. If there were more European Blades I'd go for it... but I'm not travelling across oceans.
  20. anyone live in sydney australia? lol............

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