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have you mastered the art of passing?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. the perfect pass can be very important, especially if your driving in a car. if this is the case , most of the responsibility falls to the passanger in the front seat, if there are backseat tokers they must ALWAYS pass to the frontseat passanger, and never the driver,(he's buisy driving). all backseat smokers MUST watch the frontseat man VERY carefully he will try to double toke anychance he gets. this is where the passing becomes VERy the driver, needs to be passed BELOW the dashboad in the exact same spot everytime..the driver cannot be fishing around for his joint. he's driving!it might have taken me awhile but ive earned my road "passin" test :) husband and i play highway looks whose smoking dope games on long roadtrips....i cannot stress enough below the dashbaord people
  2. BELOW THE DASHBOARD..NO SHIT!!...stupid ass people that DONT pass below the dashboard should get toking privelages immediately revoked...i people..damn..just go, i dont want to hear as joint passin bastard..BELOW THE DASHBOARD..DAMN!....
  3. hahaha, are you serious? you did all that while driving? that's ballsy dude.
  4. rmjl, i know what you mean about the (monkey in the)middle man. always with the double tokes! though i am guilty of that myself.

    we've mastered the art of passing after a few drops and burns - esp in the car lol. you gotta get that roll and pinch down pat or it's just a fumble.

  5. That has got to be the hardest thing in the world to do! Lighting a bong while driving!LOL

    I had to shave my beard because I was lighting a joint on the back roads home one evening. Hahahahaha I know what you went through critter!

    Yes pass the joint under the dashboard. Hide it because smoking pot is still ILLEGAL DAMNIT!!!
  6. Anybody ever heard of the roll?
    It is the essential way to pass around my place. You pass it between your index finger and thumb, and roll it to between your finger and theirs, and then to his finger and thumb.
    Done in perfect synchronization it seems to just roll from one person to the other.

  7. yippers, that's the way to pass the J. funny how some people never figure that out.
  8. All my peeps use the roll technique, and there is a trick to try on someone, sometime, someplace. When the pass you the joint, as they are rolling it from their thumb to thier finger and yours, just hold your finger stright out, dont grab it with the thumb, and they most likely won't pull away, but if it's a roach, you can burn their finger.
  9. We always smoke the bong in the car. Of course, there are a few risks entailed, especially when you're using a two footer, but the benefit is worth it. There is a subtle interplay between driver and passenger, as the driver obviously can't light it. Usually, we have the passenger grab the wheel and light the bowl while the driver bends over and hits it... I think we've mastered the art of passing...
  10. Maybe we are just weird, but we have always smoked in the vehicle and never gone to any great lengths to hide it unless we're at a stoplight....try looking at someone driving by, well can you see what they are doing?

    as for lighting a bong while driving...that's just crazy....please don't give Mr D any bright ideas!!!! :(

    and the roll method is a must...and I know what you mean about holding the finger out too, you never drop the joint with those methods ;)
  11. mrs have a read thing eager to ravagely attack your head.

    save me
  13. Here comes the doc to save the day...

    Then he lights up and forgets all about the problem...

    Where'd he get his degree?

    University of Amsterdam?

    oh, no wonder then!
  14. man this is an old thread, i love smoking in the car, i have it down pretty well, you want to try something tricky in a car, use a steamroller, once that was the only piece we had so we had to try. i suppose a bucket bong might be a little trickier.
  15. in our case, its the front passenger that takes the toke, then to the driver, then after its passed back to the passanger to pass to the back and goes around back to the front passanger. This way, the front passanger can't sneak a toke cuz the back ppl will know that the driver jus toked
  16. use a sherlock, thats the easiest for the driver. besides joints waste to much weed in my opinion.
  17. we use a bowl with a nylon 2ft tube, all the driver has to do is bite and suck it.
  18. Me and my friends used to go for hgih rides all de time brudda!
    two of us in the back, one driving, one in passenger seat. In a F-Body :D
    I hate being passenger cause you always have to steer while the driver tokes and you can't relax, gotta be careful of who sees you. In the back seats of an F-Body no one can see your dumb ass so hit it hard.
  19. yea, ppl always fight for passanger, since u then are the dj, buh me, i jus sit in the back takin requests
  20. plus during beer rides, always got full access to the trunk for a quick refill.

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