Have you lost friends because of weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHighRoad, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I've had people who literally don't want to associate with me, just because I smoke weed. One girl, who was my best friend since sixth grade basically cut all ties with me... Last night, I was high and talking (on AIM) to a mutual friend about it, and she was just so skeptical when I tried to explain to her how it actually has improved my life so much. She told me that she associates people who smoke weed with a group of people at her school who were always really obnoxious to her. She also seemed to almost agree with my other friend, even though the other girl basically ditched me. Yet, at the same time, this girl keeps saying that she has plenty of friends who smoke and "it's whatever."

    The entire situation just makes me feel so conflicted. I love nearly everything about cannabis and the new friends that I've made, not to mention the old friends I still have who don't care that I smoke... Part of me wants to think that I wouldn't even want to be friends with people who are so judgmental, but then again I do miss some of my old friends.

    I just hate that people think that I'm ruining my life, when, in fact, I'm enhancing it.

    Have any of you guys been in this situation? I keep running through my conversation with this girl in my head, and it's worrying me. I wish I could just "get over" the loss of a friend, but it's not as easy as it seems.
  2. yeah, a lot of people don't understand it, i guess. i've had a few assholes in the past look down on me for doing it. they're just the immature childish people who think only losers do it. whatever, people will always think their right and were wrong.
  3. Nah, but a few look at me differently for it...although I'm not the one whose changed.
  4. i lost my old friends when i started. i dont care cause it just means that they are judgmental like u said. i made alot of new ones. the funny thing is,,, sometime i wonder if those ppl re right, i mean i have seen some kids start smoking pot and it completely ruins their life. but me, i still get good grades and shit. idk maybe its not the weed its the person. it just seems like when im in the circle everyone except me is a dropout.
  5. it's the person

    one of my friend is extremely judgemental and whenever the topic comes up all he says is "well im not a loser" or "well i can be retarded without it" the well im not a loser comment actually really strikes me...just because i smoke weed automatically makes me a loser?
  6. Never really had that problem. Almost all the students at my high school smoke prolly only 10% of the students dont and thats mainly freshman/sophmores
  7. I've had people say they wish I wouldn't smoke. They all know where the door is..opened it for them a few times.

    If they are willing to ditch because of a plant then they weren't real to begin with. Shit..thank maryjane for pointin out the fakes.

    Who knows how much longer you would have thought that dead weight was a friendship if weed didn't bring out the true colors.
  8. are you kiddin? weed is THE number 1 best way to meet a ton of people. ive met and hung around with a shitload of random people entirely because of weed. ive made far more friends because of weed than lost because of it. come to think of it, i cant think of one friend ive lost due to weed
  9. Lots of friends I have believe all the propaganda we saw on commercials as kids and all of the marijuana 'facts' that are out there. I haven't lost any friends over it, but they definitely look down on it. When I try to show them the real facts they just take my enthusiasm to defend weed as a product of my 'addiction' to 'doing marijuana'. It kind of sucks but I don't care too much if they look down on me for it, it's their own loss.

  10. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've definitely met tons of incredible people through the common link of weed, as well as reconnected with others, but I'm just talking about losing people here. Good point though.

    Yeah, very well said... It's quite insane how many people can't think for themselves. :eek:
  11. My friends started before me, I joked around and called 'em pot heads and stuff, still hung out with them just as much though.

    Then I tried it after some research, because they told me a bunch of facts about it.

    Then I was like...ooooohhhhh..... now it get it.
  12. No, I've actually gained friends because of weed.
  13. yes, but as i look back they werent really friends anyways.. so i guess no?
  14. that's a good way to put it

    I've been outcasted by a lot of people I go to school with because I smoke...roll, trip, etc. But there dbags so oh well
  15. to tell you the truth, i haven't met many people around here that don't smoke and have a problem with it

    then again i don't really know people that don't smoke

    idk y

    but i hope you situation gets sorted out for the better, high road

  16. Thanks man. Going to college soon and leaving all the prudes behind. :hello:
  17. I never really lost a friend b/c i blaze, but i have met people that didnt want to know me just b/c i smoke weed. I think its more of thier lost since almost everyone i know thinks im a real cool person. only time it bothers me is when a girl wont talk to me b/c i am a pot head those are the only ones that piss me off. All i can do is move on and hit up the next person who blazes or doesnt care that I do.:smoking:

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