have you haverest yet? if not when?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ifuckweed, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. if possible give a general location^
  2. 8-20

  3. Harvested 1 got 10 more to go they will all be done within 5-25 days from now.

    Central Illinois
  4. north east indiana, plan on chopping next week

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  5. 1 out of 6 :D

    waiting another week or two. weve had rain all week and the forcast says after this wed. its gonna be sunny and low 70s till the 13. got 3 that have very little time left and 2 that need to go till its just to cold
  6. Took one down other has couple weeks to go in southern ontario
  7. very cold and raining all week then it will clear up for a few days but still b chilly. im just trying to go as long as i can shes just about done but i wana wait.
  8. Michigan. Half have been harvested the other half need a week or two.
  9. waiting out the cold and the rain, even in the south blue ridge.
    10 days - 2 weeks
  10. Ottawa, ON...

    Only two (1st time grower)

    8-20 for the ISS, needs to mature some more.

    1 more for the Killer Queen. Trimmed up the fans yesterday & if it doesn't rain overnite I'll chop in the morn.
  11. Arkansas representin'. 3 plants. 3 different strains. Would guess 2, 3, and 4 weeks.
  12. had 3 outdoors in the DC area, one was ready 2 weeks ago and there are 2 more that are gonna go for about 2 more weeks imo, indicas that were started pretty late
  13. I've harvested 1 and will be harvesting 3 more in a week and the last 4 in about two weeks. They are ohh so nice.:smoke:
    Nor Cal
  14. Baby Plants are about 3 weeks old :)

    Nsw. Australia.

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