Have you had a supernatural experience?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bazookatooth59, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. If you have had one tell me and put it down below!Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. i flew for 2 hours when i was high ;)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. Put it below what?
    Also... your gonna have to give the people more to work with.
  4. Telepathy and telekinesis. But then again I have been labeled schizoeffective. So naturally pills had to be pushed my way. Got off that pill zombie ride (after two years of supposed cognitive remediation therapy) and a couple months later I'm dancing as if God (or the devil) personally welcomed me into the light.

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  5. below the original post? lol where all posts after the first one go
  6. Heard a "woman" whisper my name slowly as I was falling asleep, which of course woke me right the fuck back up
  7. I talk to a dog named Wilfred
  8. Maybe however my eyes have trouble adjusting to the dark
  9. Be quiet honda.
  10. I've had a couple.  A lamp jumped off a table with no one around it with several people seeing it.
    I've held back a small piece of a cloud and other people saw it.
    And I've seen a ufo.
    And god.
  11. Story time:)
    Last year my parents got a divorce. My mom had moved out over spring break while i was in flordia. When i got back i stayed a my dads house (i was going to stay with him permanently). My dad worked 3rd shift at the time so i was home alone. Keep in mind that i do believe there is, or was, a spirit living in my dads house. Anyways, the first week sleeping at my dads alone, maybe a wednesday or something, i woke up in the middle of the night. Pretty normal happens all the time. So like usual i started to roll over to my other side, but i saw something in my closet (right across from my bed. One of those with the two slider doors). I look again and i see this kid wearing these white, torn up shorts hanging in my closet. Literally hanging from a rope. Im scared af and look away. Then the little girl in me kicked in and i called my mom. I just told her i was super scared and she picked me up. But the 1/2 hour i was waiting for her i just laid in bed, scared out of my mind, refusing to look back. Once she got there i made her come into my room and look in the closet. There was nothing there. Most definitely the scariest moment of my life.

    "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" ~Bob Marley
  12. I hit a dab & got high
  13. I've had my future predicted while having my mind read... No bs... Crazy story
  14. Few weeks ago I started looking at videos on youtube for telekinesis, found one itneresting vid and decided to try that stuff out for myself so I laid down a really small piece of paper bundled up and kept motioning my hand as if I wanted to push it away while applying the technique I learned for telekinesis. It only slightly moved and since then I'm convinced we all have the ability to do that tele stuff. Don't careif people don't believe me, we can all do some amazing shit.
  15. This is off topic, but OP is your user name a reference to the aes rock album? If so, kudos to you for listening to good music!

    Back on topic, one time I had a bottlecap float up in the air and fly at me from the other side of the room. Crazy shit. And when I was younger whenever my family would sit to eat dinner my basement door (located right next to my dinner table) would open. Every single day.

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  16. I saw a ghost standing on my neighboors back porch as a kid. It was a middle aged woman wearing a white night gown, she dissapeared into thin air too.
    I had a dream where I was being possesed by a demon. In the dream I was watching myself sleep from the corner of the room. I woke up under sleep paralysis. I couldnt move and it felt like something was on my chest. I had the feeling of something very very evil in my room. I prayed for an hour straight until I could move. I kept praying until the sun came up...
    In my current house me and my roomate have both heard or seen unexplainable things. Music playing from stereos that arent turned on, the sound of footsteps, and objects moving in a very unnatural manner.
  17. I believe you. Pokesmot posted a scary story thread and I put my story up if you want to read it. I don't feel like reposting it
  18. A ghost would chill at the dinner table. Did u have an extra seat?
  19. 4 lights under the charter boat I had taken out with guest for an over nite excursion we stayed over night 25 miles off the coast on a reef.  had 4 lights show up under the boat dancing around about 20 to 30 feet down for over an hour.  Never did figure out what they were they were there over an hour then just took off.

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