Have you had a paranormal experience?

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  1. For instance when I was 13 me and my friends when to a house where an old couple where found dead holding hands in bed and the only things in the house where Christian tools or whatever like rosary beads and bikes and statues of Jesus.

    Anyway me and 3 of my friends went in there and it just felt like we were being watched (keep in mind it was a bright summer day,not night time where the dark plays on your mind) we made our way upstairs and the only item in what I suspect to have been the bedroom was a Virgin Mary statue and it was in a praying pose and there where rosary beads on the floor we quickly left the house because it was creepy as shit and as we left I turned back to see lots of crows flying over the house squawking. It was just so creepy. We all stayed in my friend Conor's that night and we all felt so creeped out about the place that none of us slept the next day we went back to the house together and note we were together the whole time when we got to the house again we saw straight away that the bedroom window was open and the Mary statue was a good 8 feet further from where it was the day before on the floor to a new outdoor location on the roof facing the sun, praying.

    I'd like to point out at this point that this house is a 30 min trek from any house through Fields and trees and a river so the chances of someone else having moved it it that time is Slim.

    We didn't even go in once we seen that and we all always had bad vibes about the place and never went back..


    When I was 16 me an this girl bunked school and went to goof off pretty much and while deciding where we could go and not get caught bunking off. The house. No I said to myself that's crazy! But I brought here to the house telling her on the way it was some abandoned house where they throw parties and stuff. So we finally get there and shivers run through my whole body But I blow it off because I'm with a girl so we go in and I first check no ones there like crack heads and shit ,no crackheads, we go upstairs and just before making it up the stairs a huge smash come from downstairs and we run down stairs towards the door and out without even saying a word! My heart is about to pop out of my chest. I turn around to see where the girl is and she runs past my but in my sight in the doorway is a black mass like a shadow but solid and the shape of a human standing tere I sprint out of the gate and up the big hill away from the house with the girl I was with. Were both panting out of breath.
    I walk a few yards to my right to get a look at the house to see if any real humans were on the premises and
    In the bedroom window the curtain draws back and the Mary statue is there facing me. No one else in sight.
    The end

    I know it's very dramatic but it's actually true and I've had further unexplainable things happen to me .
    you share your experience?

    "This ones called mindrape, it's actually pretty mellow"
  2. I believe in spirits out there...... but I stay as far away as possible. If you think your in a haunted house.....they're nothin to fuck with! Im not here to argue if ghost are real or not...I dont give a shit if you do or not.
  3. I think my house was haunted by a poltergeist but i'm still unsure if it was just childhood psychosis or not.
  4. ghosts are harmless as they can do nothing to you. demons are also usually harmless. I feel this is fake considering the amount of energy it would take a paranormal to do all these tasks at hand. Also if it was an elderly couple that somehow died together and at the same time they would stay peaceful, not suddenly become aggressive for reasons unknown. More unlikely also within the day time as energy levels are different.

    Stop with these fake ass threads, Whats next? some kid will find a crate while taking a power walk through the woods?

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  5. There's a poltergeeese always stealing my bud
  6. O there was a dead guy in my attic. I'll elaborate in a min.
  7. Yeah, I've had many experiences too. One of the most scarring was in a hotel visiting washington D.C when I was I believe in 10-12 with my father.
    I wake up at 3am to a sort of glowing whitish light bluish girl staring at me from the foot of my fathers bed while my dad was turned the other way sleeping. I'd try my best not to look but I had to because I had no idea what to expect from it. I'd close my eyes and try to "wake up" pinch myself I was so frightened. I lay, staring back at this little girl with long black hair and dark eyes, dont remember the clothing, but i remember that face.. Those glaring eyes.. for about an hour and a half or 2. I fell asleep watching her, and woke up at around 6, and she was gone, my dad was still turned the other way, me facing the same direction. Brings tears to my eyes thinking of that night man. I don't really care who believes this lol, but I thought I'd finally share it with some other encountererz.
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    Yeah I dunno about OP stories.....but IMO they're harmless till you try and call em out w those Ouija boards or somthin along the lines of that......those are bad news! If you wanna have fun w that...go ahead. Dont say I didnt say nuthin
    Ive heard couch levitation stories and soooo many more from close friends who dont lie.
  9. I'm still waiting for those fucking pictures

    Zguy13 does not deliver
  10. I believe you OP
    When I was little, my grandma and grandpa lived in a haunted house. Not really haunted, the spirits were friendly and never bothered anything. They'd move pots and pans around, and open and close doors. 
    Then my own personal experience.
    It was about 3 am one summer night, my sister was in town and I had gone to a party that night. I came home with my girlfriend and we went upstairs to my room. We got to work when my door flung open and I thought I saw my sister at the door. I threw my clothes on real quick and went into her room to see what she wanted and she was passed out cold. It scared the shit out of me.
  11. Ouija boards aint NOTHIN to fuck with unless you wanna truly and royally fuck up your life.....
  12. You will never see me within 20 feet of one of those fuckin things
  13. Yeah and I heard if you burn it.........you unleash all the trapped spirits in that board you tried to talk too........ and they're kinda like free to do whatever they want. They normally the bad kind
  14. If your story really is 100% true OP it honestly kind of maybe swayed my view on the paranormal. Does anyone have any crazy real paranormal videos from the web? My interest is sparked now.
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    There's so many bullshit videos on the web. If anyone has real shit I'm interested as we'll.

    Zguy13 does not deliver
    Only problem with ouija is you have no choice in what you channel. It's really not dangerous if you aren't in a place they can stay.
    Well as far as the guy in the attic. One day i had a bunch of friends over and we were playing magic. I looked up into the hall to my left that leads to my room. the attic crawlspace cover was lifted at an angle. At first i figured it was a draft but my buddy looked to. right as he looked the wood square lowered itself into place and closed perfectly. It didn't fall and wedge or just slam it was rocked into place. We tested it and it would never drop in perfect.
    Of course our first reaction was who the FUCK is in my attic? So we grabbed a chair and my buddy popped his head up with my mag light. Nothing was up there but we couldn't shine it to the far corners above where my bed.
    I wasn't too worried but it was strange as some things disappearing. At the time the house connected to mine was empty and we weren't sure if it was a hobo or what.
    A few weeks later i met a new friend and she was visiting. I told her about it as she is quite adept at the spiritual side of things. She's more of a healer and good at feeling people. She said ya there was someone up there like i thought. It had been a long time since i had tried anything like this so i asked for some time to prepare. I went over with her under the attic entrance. Once again i got that super heavy feeling and got cold. Like when you are on a roller coaster or gravity machine and feel like you're getting pulled down. I felt like i was gonna pass out so i walked away. The spirit wasn't inherently angry or aggressive but extremely troubled and surrounded by negative emotion. We sat down and meditated for awhile just feeling it out. After awhile we found out he had killed himself by overdose in the house next to me since they're connected. He had spent a long long time up there and was worried about leaving and didn't know how. We did a few blessings and did a few routines and tried to help him move on. Eventually it worked and he walked away. We saged the house after that and cleared it all out. Felt really good but took alot and left me kinda confused.
    Btw don't care if anyone believes it or not. My and my friends beliefs aren't for everyone and i accept that. Take it how you will.
  17. Ive posted my stories in others threads but yeah, shit has been happening to me since I was probably 3. I used to talk with dead relatives I had never met before, and told my grandma details about them like their first middle & last name along with what they looked like and their favourite food. I dont remember any of it I was only a toddler but they wrote it down and shit. She said I was probably talking to my uncle who'd committed suicide in the 80's.

    Last year I was taking photos at a mass burial in hawaii and next thing i know im lying on the ground. Tour guide rushed over and started chanting in some strange language im like wtf lol. They said sometimes tourists get picked on if they get too close other people had been picked up off the ground (apparently). It was definitely worth it tho.

    All of thats true. If you EVER get the chance go on a ghost tour, they are so so worth it. life changing.
  18. Long story short, I saw a bright energy orb the very first time I smoked weed.

    I've never seen that again after smoking daily for three years

  19. This is footage that a pretty renowned physics professor was unable to debunk.

  20. I've had my good few. I live in San Diego california, and this happened a few months back. I was driving to work like usual at 3am and I used to take this road to work called proctor valley road cause I was new to my job then, and this road is creepy enough during the day and you could only imagine at night. This is a narrow dirt road that stretches for about 20 miles. So anyways I'm driving over as usual and all of a sudden this lady in a white night gown pops out of nowhere and starts waving her arms at me. I got a chance to look St her face and it was pale and hideous. So my first reaction was to speed up cause it scared the shit out of me. So I got out of there quick and left. I told one of my co workers about it and he said it was haunted. I didn't believe it, I thought he was just messing with me. But I googled it like he asked me to do and there has been tons of people who have seen this hideous lady I'm not the only one who has. Also a lot of people have driven into that road and dissapeared. Let's just say I take the long way to work now. It was really creepy and that's not the only thing that happens in that road. There has been cases of a car that follows you at high speeds on that road. Its really creepy. If you guys have a chance Google it and you can learn more about this road.

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