Have you guys ever went through a gamer's block?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by k0ru, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Not sure if that's actually a term or not, but I would describe it as almost entirely losing your desire to play video games. For about half a year now, just that has happened for me. It's such a strange feeling, because apart from some AAA franchises, I don't hate video games in general, I actually still nerd out about the ones I enjoyed playing. It's just that for some reason I can't bring myself to enjoy playing those games anymore.
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  2. Prob burn yourself out. Pussy is better man.
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  3. Ya....its called growing up.
  4. Everytime I 'commit' to a Steam Early Access
    Dawn of Man
    Stranded deep
    Green Hell and recently Cash Crop even Weedcraft Inc

    more Game of Game required imo!
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  5. Haha, I remember when the "sell an unfinished product for full price" trend wasn't popular, it's more than just early access games on Steam now.
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  6. Nope lol can't say that I have. Im a total gamer girl and me and the hubby play some sort of video game most every night when the kids to sleep. I do however get frustrated with certain games sometimes an quit for a while when I can't get past a certain area...

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  7. My video game tastes have definitely changed a lot over the years.
    Chalk it up to "growing up" or just a change in my lifestyle, or whatever, but i'm not as much of a fan of first-person shooters or games with super high levels of action and intensity.
    I prefer games that make an art of subtle, low-key, casual gameplay.
    For instance, i love the putting on the headphones and just walking around in the snow in games like "The Long Dark", with nothing to do but survive the cold and the occasional wolf attack or a fall through thin ice.
    My days of settling in for 2-3hrs of gaming are long over. I prefer a game where i can get up and make a cup of tea or go burn a joint and can come back to it without issue... something i can play for 20 mins when i have the spare time.
    Games that i used to think were "boring" i now find extremely satisfying.
    I also haven't spent more than $15 on a game for about the past 5 years. I can't bring myself to drop $80 or more on a game any more.
    Yep, sounds like a classic case of "gettin' old"... LOL
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  8. I agree gaming is great as long as you have the time friend :D, idk why people look down on people who play video games smh..
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  9. IKR lol but fck them anyway people can play as much video games as they want!!! Idc what anyone thinks ill still be playing when im a old woman lbvs.

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  10. I confess of late I spend more time managing Microsoft Flight Steam(Steam) edition than actually flying ..lol

    just mangaing all the addons terrian files weather addons radio addons aircraft addons

    god damm nightmare they ain't cheap either

    buddies have spent a bundle on the latest terrian photos, like google earth type

    only to find they can't be ported to the flight sim

  11. Thats honestly my favorite part about gaming. Getting stuck somewhere and having to re-think my approach makes me feel like i'm getting my moneys worth.
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  12. Yea I can see how you would feel that way. When I stop for a while I always come back to it an try again tho. Anyway welcome to GC an I hope to see you around a lot on here :)

  13. Thanks! I'm actually a returning blade from years ago. I left for a while and have no idea what email I had associated with this site or username or password lol, so I just made a new profile. Cheers!
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  14. Yeah, happens to me from time to time. The worst is getting the bug to play a game again after months, loading up and...


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