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Have you gotten caught?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Got Marijuana?, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. i personally have never been caught in 3 years of smoking...if u havent been caught how long have u been smoking?...........if u have been caught what was it like and who caught you?
  2. Caught? Like doing something wrong? I'm not doing anything wrong when I vape in the privacy of my own house, so getting caught is kind of a non issue, so to answer your
  3. been smoking for 10 years and never been caught besides my mom asking "whats that smell" but she wasn't that mad about it, she just said she doesn't want that in her house cause it stinks the place up :smoke:
  4. I've been smoking 5 months and haven't been caught yet.
  5. hahahha thats awesome
  6. 30 years plus of toking... have yet o be "caught" when I was actually holding or toking:hello:
  7. ...I got busted this weekend. But luckily all our ganja was gone :) The car was hotboxed like fuck though, we all got searched and shit. . .
  8. Got caught last year after I had been smoking for just a year. Had my stuff on me like N idiot and the popo searched the car. Was with friends but I took the blame. No reason not to. Been pissin in cups ever since...

    ... But I only got a month left! Chyea
  9. no, i havent. smoking ten years.
  10. 15 years, been careful all that time.
  11. damn 30 plus thats amazing
  12. my parents found my stash a few times... no big deal.

    few times by the cops in hawaii. they took our shit and let us go.

    1 time in sioux falls south dakota. 23 days in jail before i was bailed out.
    1 count poss. 2 years suspended sentence $500 fine
    1 count inhabiting a house where drugs are kept $200 fine. (bull shit in my opinion. i was in south dakota for 1 day and i slept at a park that night. my back pack was in the house. i pled guilty so i could get the fuck out of town)

    1 time in yuma, az. i got caught by customs coming back from california.
    1 count attempted poss. (attempted was added so i didnt get a felony charge) $750 fine. suspended (i dont have to pay it)
    1 count paraphernalia $450 fine
    1 count failure to appear (i didnt go to court and had a warrant out so i was arrested in tempe az and put on a bus back to yuma after a few days at 4th ave jail...shitty shitty shitty jail) $250.

    that judge was nice though. i couldve got screwed but she gave me no probation and no jail time. she was supposed to be hard because i was arrested by boarder patrol instead of a local sheriff or cop. after i pay my fine i can write the court to get it taken off my record.
  13. Almost got caught in highschool. I was sitting in the bayou smokin a joint, keeping my supplies in an altoids container, when a huge, ripped pig saw me from the other side. He looked like he would have no problem catching me so I threw the J in the water and dropped the altoid tin on the ground and he overlooked it, thinking it was a piece of trash.

    He still told my parents I was smoking weed, even though he had no evidence. Who are they going to believe? I wish I had known about my rights back then.

    [edit: caught by the parents numerous times for weed, booze and once with cocaine]
  14. its no surprise to me ive ben caught a few times. its not me being careless while toking its more like the cops are attracted to me and the group of people i hang out with. i used to do a lot of things i shouldnt be doing. nothing too bad but if youre on the back of a freight train, you kind of expect to get caught every now and then
  15. same here(knock on wood)
  16. I've been smoking for about 6 years. Once got caught by the cops, but i wasn't even smoking. I was sitting in my car waiting for everyone to show up to play a game of frisbee, and i guess someone called the cops saying they think someone is smoking weed at the park we were playing at. Cops showed up and i was still in my car. Right away they pulled up to my car i hurried up and turned my car off and just dropped my keys to the ground. My window was down alittle bit and right away they just said my car smelled like weed. Told me to get out and i did. Then they asked me if they can search my car, i told them no. Then the cops said they was going to search it anyways because it smelled and he found a pipe and probably less than a gram of weed.
  17. mom caught me a few times but i wasnt trying to hide it so doesnt really count. at school i got totally fucked and a 10 day suspension for an empty bag that the cop claimed was a bag that was full of marijuana. there was no nugs stems or even seeds in it i dont kno how they where even thinking about arresting me the suspension was nice tho 10 days off of school and football practice and i just toked up all 10 days i was on out of school suspension
  18. coming up on my 6th years, never been caught
  19. Bottom line to all this.

    If you get're a dumbass. :p

    So........the title of this thread should be changed to: "Are you a Dumbass?"
  20. Got caught by the cops once was hitting a sesh behind an elementry school at about midnight and there were a bunch of people and some where playing frisbee and being loud and someone called the cops. Two undercover cops walk up and pull out there badges search us all. Just took our weed and like 6 bongs and the kids playing frisbee pretended they didnt know us.

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