Have you got your raise - I know someone who did

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    This should lighten your day a little dude!

  2. Good to know not every CEO is greedy as hell.
  3. Thank you mate... this really helped a little :)

  4. Yeah, fuck Sam's Club.
  5. Did you guys even read that article? He's not getting a cash bonus, he's getting stock options. If BoA's stock crashes he doesn't get a damn thing.

  6. They wouldn't have hired him if he wasn't competent... his money is pretty much guaranteed thanks to the bailout. As long as another huge credit default swap disaster happens again (new legislation should keep most of those shenanigans in check), he pretty much just has to do his job and he gets the bonus. They should have let the "too big to fail" banks just crash. We would have rebounded so much faster instead of this ridiculously slow crawl back to normality.
  7. I wonder if in time things will play out like "dark knight rises" obviously not the "batman" "league of shadows" part. I'm speaking about a "2 teir" society where there is no middle class.

    Mexico is kinda like that you're either rich (7 figure bank accounts) or you're poor, as in you got no food. There is a middle class in Mexico, but its pathetic how the government has let things get soo bad.

    I don't think all rich people are "greedy" I know I'm going to sound "like I don't know anything" "sheltered" but my uncle is I guess "rich" but that fool worked his ass off and got into the MLB as an accountant,lawyer, and agent.
  8. Agreed, while that I agree some people in the highest income brackets are unnecessarily greedy, it's not like anyone handed him that money for free. He worked his ass off for it, I came from a "sheltered" existence, dad and mom made like 400k combined, but no one gave them shit. They worked their asses off everyday to work their way from a food-stamp depedant childhood.
  9. My Dad is pretty wealthy, being a doctor. But he worked his ass off for 17 years before getting his first job (emigrating from South Africa to the US might have created a bit of a delay, as did switching his specialty.) But what most people don't realize is, he STILL works his ass off. Spend a week on call from 10 pm to 7am and tell me how that goes, and then add on top of it the fact that his wife and daughter are in Europe without him because of it. Oh ya, and he's paying for that Europe trip. He's one of the best guys I know. Is it annoying that I'm broke and he won't help me? Ya. Is it a good life lesson? Ya. I love the guy.

    I feel like a lot of people hate on the rich without actually taking into account anything but account balance. The 40 Billionaires Giving Away Half of Their Wealth
  10. I'm going to shop at Costco more often :smoke:
  11. I wouldn't resent him doing well if he hadn't been bailed out on government money. I just don't think you can call an enterprise too big to fail and still have a free market.

    I'm of the mindset that the people who ARE succeeding, on their own merit, are the ones who deserve to.

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