Have you got caught by police walking down the street at night?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kottonmouthed42, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Have you got caught by police walking down the street at night with a bowl or blunt/joint? Vote then tell your story.
  2. Nope...i try to avoid smoking in public. Can't afford a record!!
  3. never, im too cautious for that shit

  4. same man im the one thats always scared shit of police and runs and crap :p
  5. See i knew it. All my friends call me parinoid cuz i don't wanna smoke in alleys in broad daylight. I tell them, at night i will, but daytime? It HAS to be in the woods or at a house. I an't bein parinoid am i? I think im just being smart.
  6. i mean i smoke joints on side streets and hotbox cars all the time, but i just make sure we arent noticible, dont get me wrong, ill smoke while walkin down a street, not durin the day though.
  7. well i havent been caught by the police walking down the street at night smoking or anytime recently, but during like 8th grade me and a friend snuck out and pulled that vandalism type stuff (kinda regret it now cause i feel guilty about ruining peoples stuff) and tehn got caught walking back to his house. We were hiding in backyards and stuff and staying away from the road, but on the way back there is a stretch where theres a fence and on the other side is a waterfall and lake, so there was bascialyl no escape. He just brought us back to my friends house and warned us against staying out at night especially so close to a bar in a not so great neighborhood. Im not talking like downtown detroit but its not the nicest part of town.
  8. never caught blazin in public but i got caught by a cop 15 minutes after smokin up.. Apparently being dressed in all black with a backpack full of perifernalia isnt a good idea
  9. ill smoke joints and stuff walkin down the street but not during the day and id never smoke a bowl on the street during the day i have at night though driving in a car...different story but not walkin around
  10. my friends all got busted while drinkin and then walking down a street, i got away cuz i wasnt really drunk, everyone else got drinkin fines and they took all the weed
  11. half the time i'm blazing, i blaze while walking down a street.. never been caught, no one really suspects or says anything anyways haha
  12. I'm definitely the type who's way too paranoid to do something like that. I'd spend my whole trip freaking out and thinking i was about to get arrested, even if there weren't any cops around. I prefer smoking in a nice secluded spot in the woods, or in someone's house.
  13. Me and some friends were walking down the street (none of us over 21) at 2AM carrying like 6 40's, a 6 pack, and a half oz... And what happens? A cop rolls around the corner... My friends throw everything in the woods and we just keep walking.. The cop pulls us over, takes all of our names, breathalizes all of us (thank god no one had drank anything yet), and let us go... I hate pigs.
  14. Happens to me every couple months.

    They just ask me how i'm doing and tell me to move along, i'm polite and curteous so they have no reason to bust me.

    Never been arrested yet.
  15. i think it is safer to walk down the street smoking a joint during the day then it is during the night. i'll do it during the day, but definatly not the night. at night the cops are really looking around.
  16. hmm i smoke in public all the time... walk down the street w/ my peice and hit it, but that really isnt my style..if im walkin somewhere i will toke up goin down the street.. idc about cops n shit.. usually me n my freinds smoke in the woods or at my house tho..
  17. That just seems kind of careless/ridiculous. Why even risk it? Record = No good Ivy League schools for YOU. I just smoke inside. Unless you can climb a big tree and smoke up there. Hard part is getting down.
  18. I'll blaze a j on a munchie walk dot it then smoke on the way back.

    It's usually funny to see how people react to the lovely wafting smell. Everyone so far from a pool fulla kids and their mother asking if I wanted to chill for a BBQ (I had junk food and a few prerolled js) to an old willy nelson looking dude with missing teeth telling me "toke on brother toke on". I ended up giving him the half j I'd be hitting on the way back. He seemed thrilled. lol
  19. dude, i was going to say 'no way, i don't do stupid shit to get myself caught' and then i remembered that i HAVE been 'caught' walking down the street. I did so many things on this trip, i almost think i should just start answering all posts with a link to my journal, and just reference the appropriate day =P anyways, here was my cop experience:

    jason asks if i want to go for a quick smoke before sleep, and i acompany him. we set up at the picnic table, and slight up. He notices a car. He notices that its a fucking cop. At this moment, the spotlight hits us. I get up quickly and start walking - I dont have anything on me. I suddenly notice that the cop is not approaching me anymore. i turn around and jason is talking to the cop! I walk back. This apparently assures the cop that I'm not being stalked, and he takes off. I found out from jason that the cop asked what we were doing, where we were from, and he told him we were from Florida and were heading to the bathroom. The cop goes "But.... she's a she!" to which jason astutely replies "Yeah, well, she's a she, i'm a he..." We should have been arrested... instead, the cop tells us to have a nice night, and takes off.
  20. I walked through a cop-infested neighborhood in the middle of the night causing all kinds of mayhem (in 9th grade) smoking about 4-5 joints between me and a friend. Never got caught. The model home had no lights in when we were done....

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