have you gain weight since u started smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by dezz, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Gain weight
  2. I'm cultivating mass
  3. nah, the munchies is mind over matter. i get the feelings of hunger but i dont let them rule me.
  4. I lost weight when I smoked weed usually. Since I stopped smoking in May, I've put on 20 pounds.
  5. I've been losing it cause I've been munching on much rarer occasions now and it's on healthy foods :cool: eat yo veggies :smoke:
  6. i've lost a bit, but i swopped a fair quantity of beer on the regular for smoking a few spliffs instead
  7. Extremely fast metabolism...I can eat like 4000~ calories a day and not do anything that involves physical activity and not gain any weight....I could prob do a 8k calorie a day diet and train hard core for something :D I should but expensive
  8. Yes, it stopped me being a skinny bastard permanently.

    I always worked out, but without the mass from eating a lot I could never bulk up much..

    Weeds an amazing thing
  9. At first I was gaining weight which is a good thing cause I've been trying since I graduated HS but I lost it real quick
  10. Yes, but I'm much happier and healthier now so than when I was skinny and not a stoner. Funny thing is when you're skinny cuz you're sick so much, then when you get healthy and gain weight... It makes you realize how little weight actually matters, it's the healthy bit that's important.
  11. Nope not a fucking pound. I was supposed to gain my freshman 15, but instead I lost a freshman 5. Seriously thinking about getting on a diet to bulk up once I move back to school.
  12. 4000 calories a day? Bitch I ate 16 single serving bags of doritos in 20 minutes. Didn't even realize it! Thats nearly 3,000 calories..man did I have the shits after that.
  13. If you're having problems with weight, trying keeping some of these on hand for when you're high:



    Eat fruits & veggies, and berry based smoothies :) If you reach for pizza or something else with empty calories all the time, you'll get fat quick and be hungry often.

    Any professional who studies the teeth of mammals will tell you, these teeth are designed to eat vegetation more so than meat.

    Good Documentaries to watch on health eating: 'Forks Over Knives' 'Ingredients' 'Food Inc' 'Dying to Have Known' :smoking:
  14. When I started smoking I was about 155 pounds, 15% bodyfat. Now i'm 178 pounds, 11% bodyfat.

    I grew a couple inches too, must be the thc man!!!
  15. LOL i lost 32 pounds from smoking weed weed makes me get out and do alot of shit
  16. When I first started smoking, I had the munchies like a fucking hungry hungry hippo, I ate whatever what was in sight, mostly macaroni and cheese because a lot of high calories and saturated fat. But when I take a break, it seems that all the weight that I intake goes away and its very hard when your appetite isn't that strong. It's a bitch when you lose everything you gained and start all over again.
  17. When I first started I was pretty young so naturally I have gained weight. When I started smoking more often I started going to the gym high and would get back and cook some really healthy tasty food and munch out.
  18. gained a little at first, but lost 25lb from the time I first started toking compared to my weight today morning.
  19. At first I gained weight, went from like 175 to 190, but then I lost weight and im currently sitting at 165.

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