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Have you ever....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Munch, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Taken a rip so big that you shed a tear? I took a fat bong rip of some Jacks Cleaner my dad's friend gave me and coughed up a lung. I was instantly high and had red eyes immediately, then I shed a tear haha.

    The other pics are some indoor Jack Herer and close up of Bubba Kush.

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  2. yup.
    one day i was smoking a bowl with my friends dad.
    since my friend was on probation,
    he had just gotten back from hempfest with a brand new bong.
    it was about a foot and half tall.
    rasta colors.
    glass on glass.
    thassright, me :)
    coughed up a lung and my eyes watered.
  3. dam tht weed look bomb my dude...

    to answer ur question...yea...if i just rip some super dank out of the bong frm time 2 time itll have my shit watering....

    or a good GB rip..
  4. oh yeah. When I take a clean hit of the funky skunky smelly green shit It can make me loose all the breath in my lungs. I can get watery eyed bad.
  5. My dealer used to live a 5 min drive from me. My girl and I where over there last spring and he got a new hookah type bong. Had 3 hoses. He took one hose and filled the bong with the dankest stinkiest bud ive ever seen. He then proceeded to look at my girl and I and said ok take it. By far the biggest hit she ever had. We were 2 min from my place and she says to me "Can we stop at sheetz? I need some water." We were closer to home than sheetz. she then says "How long til we get home?" Now we have gone on this road every single day for the past 2 years. Later accounts say that she felt like she was having an aneurysm.
  6. yeah dude, all the time. if i hit my bubbler and i DONT cough and cry a little, it must be some bunk shit.
  7. Ever shit your pants after a bong do you explain something like that happening?! :laughing:
  8. What's with all you dudes getting down with parents? I wish parents were cool where I'm from.

    Don't get me wrong, I've smoked a bowl with both of my parents. But other parents around here wouldn't think twice about it.

    To OP: Yep, countless times. That shows signs of some good reefer.

  9. where are you from that you have Sheetz? thats about the only thing to come out of where im from hahah.. first sheetz ever.

  10. :eek: :hello:

    haha that's some funny shit dudee.. idk im baked but if i was sober that's probably still funny haha :laughing:
  11. Hey man.

    Sometimes these things happen. There's nothing to explain. :bongin:>>:eek:>>:rolleyes:>>:smoking:

  12. Haha word dude.

    One time my buddy and me were blazes out of our minds so him being the deuche of a friend that he is tries to fart in my face..

    He fucking shit his pants. :eek:
  13. yea when i was 15 i hit a 2 foot bongs, could barely clear it but managed too, almost puked after but damn it felt so good
  14. OH my...

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