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  1. just looked up into the night sky at the stars, and you can literally see how far away they are and just really wonder with a sense of awe just how gigantic the universe really is? and if the universe isnt infinite, whatever the universe is inside of must be infinite.. i wish i could just blast off into space and go as far as i could go until i die, being able to travel at something like the speed of light and be able to stop to check out what all is out there

    if there is an afterlife, i really hope that i have the freedom to explore the universe and all its wonders, that to me would be my idea of "heaven", not playin the harp bein gods slave with a buncha gold and white shit around me like heaven is portrayed to be... that would just suck, being trapped in a confined heaven

    but heaven isnt the point of the thread, the point is god damn the universe is fucking huge, and i wish i knew just how huge it was or what else is out there besides the universe, like theres galaxies inside the universe, so who knows maybe theres multiple universes inside the void i'll call it
  2. I love to look at the pictures from the hubbel spacecraft and gaze awestruck at the images. One I remember in particular showed galaxies estimated at 900 million light years from us. That means, of course, if you were traveling in a spaceship at the speed of light it would take you 900 million years to reach that galaxy. And beyond that another 900 million, and then another and another. http://www.org/gallery/album/gallery_collection/

    I have often marveled over it's vastness without being able to grasp or comprehend it's mystery. The thought has also entered my mind: Where does space end? It's so difficult for human beings to imagine something that does not end!
    When I ask that very question people will look at me as if I had just asked them to define pi to it's lowest possible terms.

    I share your philosophical intrique, my friend.
  3. I think you just opened up my mind to a concept of heaven I never really thought about. Freedom to explore. That would be fantastic.
  4. Yes, its very humbling. I also feel like that when I see little ants running around, doing meaningless shit like carrying a crumb as fast as they can back to wherever they came from. Ants are so small and meaningless, we don't even consider their existence meaningful. When I look at the stars and stuff, I think of humans as little ants running around carrying crumbs and scurrying around

  5. I know that feeling.. laying back outside in the mist of night when everything around yous quiet, looking up at the stars on a clear night and picturing whats actually out there and how small we really are and just getting lost in the moments.
  6. i look at the sky many many times.especially if you are away from the city its magnificent..
    i have felt many times "attracted" to the universe but in a diffrent way..like feeling that I am part of that universe.. a small but still part of that universe we have no idea about..

    and i have also thought about many times that when i look at the sky,i can literally look in the past..and this is outstanding in my mind.

    I do believe there are parallel dimentions( i'm really influenced by Einsteins theory and kaballah) that exist in each other. physics laws change within this vast universe and matter is not everywhere important..

    +rep btw.i liked your post.
  7. ^^ exactly...
    the universe is so huge that the same condtions that allowed earth to develop life can have happened anywhere...

    Scientists believe the Venus balloons could also help us learn more about climate changes here on Earth. “Venus is a place where global warming has gone amuck,” Hall said. “It’s about the same size as our planet, but the surface is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and we want to find out why.”

    "Those gases will tell us if Venus and Earth were twin planets. Indications from previous missions suggest that Venus and Earth were quite similar at the beginning," Baines said.


    Even more mysterious is the presence of carbonyl sulphide. This gas is so difficult to produce inorganically that it is sometimes considered an unambiguous indicator of biological activity.

    "There may be non-biological ways to produce the hydrogen sulphide or carbonyl sulphide that we do not know about, but both reactions need catalysts to proceed efficiently," says Schulze-Makuch. "On Earth, the most efficient catalysts are microbes."

    He thinks that bugs living in the Venusian clouds could be combining sulphur dioxide with carbon monoxide and possibly hydrogen to produce either hydrogen sulphide or carbonyl sulphide in a metabolism similar to that of some early Earth bugs. He suggests the bugs could be using ultraviolet light from the Sun as an energy source.

    if venus ,who comparing to the universe is so close, could be alive once,i am sure that there are indeed other people somewhere looking at the sky like us.
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    Your post is so ironic. The elements in our bodies were like so much space dust eons ago. Over time the dust and elements came together to "become" something. Out of that came the Earth. In the very distant future our sun will supernova, causing the Earth to incinerate and vaporize. The resulting explosion of such power will cast all the elements including "our" dust, back into the great blackness of space. Over billions of years our "dust" will come together again to "become" something else. Perhaps part of a flickering star. Again and again. Forever. So when you say you feel that strong feeling compelling you when you look up at the stars.
    That's ironic.
    Good furtune.

  9. so you say that because we are part of the universe it is ironic to feel compelled by the stars/ universe??
    I see it as logical to feel that way since we are part of it. and will forever be.

    as for the info i have no arguements.

    generally if you want, state your point again...better maybe...?
  10. I love looking at the stars at night. Often times I am dumbfounded as to how cave men and primitive human beings must have felt looking at the sky. To them, all of the stars and planets were unknown so they just took things for face value. Stars were just bright points of shiny stuff in the sky and the sun was this huge ball of light. So awesome if you think to way back when.
  11. this is the first post i've ever opened in the "Spirituality and Philosophy" forum.

    i'm going to be here a lot.
  12. [total bullshit]
    I've been trying unsuccessfully to come up with some farfetched explanation of how the arrangement of the celestial bodies in a universe can affect things outside the universe (in other dimensions or something?) and how universes can spawn new universes which are similar to it but slightly different, so that universes might be subject to natural selection, and then the gravitational interactions between stars might actually constitute the thought machinery of a conscious being. We don't notice because the timescale is so great that a gajillion years feels to them like a millisecond feels to us.

    Actually, now that I think about it a bit more... Remember how scientists are saying they'll be able to create new universes soon? What if the universe creation process created universes with similar but slightly different physical laws or preconditions? Then universes in which something evolved which could figure out the universe creation process would be favored, and universes (or mega-universes?) might develop a conscious ability to bring about the evolution of intelligent lifeforms on their planets.

    ...The milky way is happy for us :)
    [/total bullshit]
  13. Some of my fondest weed smoking memorys hae been just chillin and lookin at the stars. My best smoking bud and i do it all the time and just talk about space, it's amazing. I recently took a trip to MI and we drove all night through the UP, blazed the whole way, anyway the stars were so amazing there, we just pulled over and layed down and smoked a fat bowl. I always get that deep feeling of connection to the universe when i look at the sky, it's like on the grand scheme of things we are so small and meaningless, the universe will go on with or without us, as individuals or as a race. There has to be other life out there, there is just so much out there that this, us, earth can't just be some fluke, some once EVER in the history of the universe. Life in the universe has been going on for eons just begining and ending all over space. Heaven to me would be the ability to explore and know everything, just think about life on other planets, under different conditions, think how different that life would be from our own, intelligent or otherwise. What if another planet was under the same conditions as earth, like the axis, orbit, distance, all that shit. Would life be the same? Would it follow the same evolution? Like humans on another planet, how would the adapt differently, or maybe the would adapt exactly the same. What if it followed evolution so exactly that traveling to this planet was like traveling through time in a sense, like the exact evolution only 5000 years in the future or in the past? I'm not saying i belive this to be true, it's just something to think about, and my mind wanders there often. space is intense
  14. "...lost your way?"

    I get the same wanderlust when I look into the starry night laid against the deep black background that is space. So many other different solar systems with the potential to harbor life-sustaining conditions. I just hope we'll be able to find out someday, and I dare say we will.

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