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Discussion in 'General' started by j-man14, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. started off smoking one kind of cigs for a while..not just one or 2 packs but a lot..and then switched to another kind..cause when i did this i felt like shit when i was switching them..i usually smoke camel lights, but the person who gets me my cigs said the store didnt have any camels so he got me marlboro lights. after i smoked them i felt like i was gunna puke..they tasted so bad. i then decided to sell the rest of my pack to this dude from school. i used the money to get me my camels again and everything went back to normal..idk if its just me but i know some of my friends have had pretty much the same experience..any ideas why this woulda happened?
  2. Now i dont wanna be a dick, but its obvious your not 18 dude.

    Take my advise. See the edit button at the bottom of your post? click it and make it at least sound like your 18.

    And naw, ive never gotten taht with my cigs. I usualy smoke cammel wides but sometimes ill buy a pack of marb 100\'s and love em.
  3. I smoke marb red 100\'s, and occasionally (every other week or so) I\'ll pick up a pack of something else (parliments, camels, etc.). I don\'t have a problem with it.
  4. I smoke newports, I hate marb reds, they taste like utter shit. I remember when I couldn\'t figure out if I liked Newports or something else, so each 3 days I\'d buy a new pack of a different brand.

    Marb Reds
    Marb Smooths
    Marb Lights
    USA Golds
    XL Kools
    Marb Ultra Lights
    Benson & Hedges

    I stuck with Newports every other cigarette sucked.
  5. lol not that i care but if this dude isnt underage then i duno who iz:smoke:
  6. Busted :eek:... and no, that has never happened to me.
  7. look for Kamel Reds

    best of both worlds
  8. Some smokers tell me switching brands can cause headaches, say if you were a 20 year pack a day camel smoker. I could understand why an extra light or something different would cause some headaches.
  9. Reading this thread made me realize how little I know about cigs. I\'ll bum cigarettes like its my job if I\'ve been drinking, but never feel the need/want to smoke while sober. Don\'t think that I can taste a difference between brands very well.
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