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Have you ever...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by happyhacker, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Have you ever lost someone such as a boyfriend or girlfriend because of marijuana?

    Recently me and my gf of two years split up because she wanted me to stop and well I didn't want to. (We had our problems this was like the last straw kind of thing.) Shit happens, right? :eek:

    Share your stories, even if its a family member or once close friend who you've lost because of the herb.
  2. My dog looks at me weird when I'm high... does that count?
  3. Hmmm... dogs... Close enough!
  4. Around the time I started takin' flights, I was good "buddies" with this girl. She was the first girl I had feelings for but our future paths were kind of parallel. She was into that Bible stuff while I began involvement in underground trade and association with street pharmacists. She was cool with me being a businessman and all until she found out I was smoking ganja. Not cigs or even reggie. She said I was going to get caught up in the lifestyle and blah blah blah. I then say to her, "Is the weed thing really gonna ruin this good thing we got going?" Gives me a kiss and goodbye. She then deleted me off her friends on MySpace (yeahh, back then) and her contacts. Honestly, when I saw she wasn't on my top 8, I felt a deep cut in my heart. Well the cut healed, only due to a few years of playing the field, moving on, and a small garden of medication.
  5. Wow OP exact same thing happened to me! Gf of 2 yrs as well. We broke up cuz of the same reason (and some others). But shit happens bro!
    Happy tokin :)

  6. Me and my ex girlfriend broke up for that same exact reason!

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