have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on my face?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nutrition Facts, May 27, 2010.

  1. something like this.

    Just found my camera, felt like a self portrait, and I was going for most awkward and indistinguishable angle ever. Pass?
  2. What... The... FUCK?!


    Dude, the title to the thread is just win.
  3. Dude - I'm literally laughing so hard that I'm fucking crying. ^^^ That pic!

    Holy shit. Thanks, man. And I've been sober for 2 days! +Rep for making me shit myself with laughter!!!!
  4. haha! YES. Anytime. :hello: :D
  5. There's a pretty good chance there's already animals living on your face ;)

    1/3 of children and young adults, 1/2 of all adults, and 2/3 of elderly people carry Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis – Eyelash Mites! :eek:

  6. see? the real-estate is BOOMING. The mites love it!
  7. I hope this thread never gets deleted.
  8. It's nothing like I imagined!
  9. Lol that's trippy.

    You look like a cat or something.
  10. at first glance i thought of this...
  11. Bahahahahaha....

    Damn hairy, flying dragons!
  12. How mutch i wanna be buried there when i die XD
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    lmao like acne ;)
  14. haha lookin like old fluffy from where the wild things are
  15. What's the rent and neighborhoods looking like?
  16. its like an f'ing jungle in there. i bet theres all sorts of creatures living up in that joint
  17. Time to call in Bear Grylls
  18. can i grow weed on ur face?
  19. XD Thats nuts! i'm still shocked how odd my mouth and nose look from an upside down under chin angle haha.

    1. neighbors? none. completely deserted. all land is for sale.
    2. well, there is a lot of weed around my face. I gotta say growing weed from my face is very much encouraged.
  20. That picture OP posted scares me beyond repair. Seeking grief counselor asap. :(

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