Have You Ever Used A Bunch Of Devices In One Smoking Session?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. For example:

    You're with a few friends, and they all brought bongs, pipes, chillums, vapes, blunts, joints, oil rigs...etc.

    You all decide to do a session with all the pieces. Imagine, there's enough pieces for everyone to have one at all times, but you still continue to puff-puff-pass.

    Perhaps you start with the blunt. Then the bong, vape, oil rig etc.

    Oh, and you're all stoned on hash oil edibles.
  2. Every years on 420, my house.
  3. Is your party kind of like this:

  4. Haha, can't witch the video right now but no. It's just 5 or 6 buddies getting high as fuck all say starting at like 6am. (several 3rd shifters in my circle) last year I served pb sandwiches all say "special kind" you know...lol, my eq was on all day, we had blunts, joints, bongs, bowls, gravity bongs all just sitting around ready to rip.

    And without saying I hope.....cold beer in case of cotton mouth.
  5. I like smoking a steamroller then a bong
  6. Go to your room.
  7. I usually roll a joint after, although I'm not quite sure if you would consider paper a "device."
  8. haha at my boys house when i lived in little rock...did this nightly....had my buddies bong, my glass pipe, and usually a joint in rotation between 4-6 people.  sometimes the gbong was introduced if everyone had their own bud.  then we all go kill a bottle of jack.  go walkin in the woods startin campfires buildin dams and forts....good shit
  9. I mentioned blunts and joints in the original post. Anything, bro. You just have to imagine it.

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