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Have you ever thrown up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stubort, May 28, 2009.

  1. I have a question for you guys. Have you ever thrown up after smoking a lot? It's only happened about 3 times to me out of smoking for 2 years pretty often. But I noticed that I didn't have dinner, and was on an empty stomache, and was out and not at home. Anyway, has this ever happened to anyone else, and if it did, what do you think caused it?
  2. Happened to me to. I only had to eat a small small slice of pizza and some soup to eat for dinner ol
  3. Yeah to the point where the blood vessels under my eyes popped and my esophagus almost disconnected.

    That green almost cost life and I had taken only a few hits.

    Not a joke.
  4. Have I ever thrown up? Yes

    Have I ever thrown up from weed? No.

    I believe the main cause from throwing up from weed is from swallowing smoke. If that ever happens, try burping or drinking some soda to help you burp. You may even burp up a little smoke. That is good because it gets it out of your stomach and I garuntee you will feel better.
  5. i got a mouthful of ash and that made me puke
  6. I did once, not from nausea or anything, I just scorched my throat and couldn't stop coughing and then I eventually barfed a little.
  7. Never thrown up. I have felt some rather discomforting nausea when rapid fire hitting a fat blunt. Just had to slow it down a bit.
  8. Yeah, if I'm smoking on an empty stomach or if I cough too much. Happens to me once or twice a
    month, but I've always had a very weak stomach.
  9. Never from smoking weed. Threw up from smoking Nutmeg though. God what an awful experience.
  10. nope never have gotten sick or even had a bad high from weed =]
  11. When I start smoking, like my 3rd time smoking, I smoked some purple kush and some dro out of my bong and when I was laying down I threw up on my pillow.
  12. I've thrown up once in the five months I've been smoking. Me and a buddy shared two milk jug gravity bong sessions back-to-back. Got crazy high, could barely stand up, head started spinning along with my stomach and eventually puked about 6 times and was good after that. I think it was just way too much in such a short timespan.
  13. The only time I threw up was about 2 months ago. I had been at a party, and had drank quite a lot, and then went home. Before I left, I was talked into doing a set of stacker shots of svedka. When I got home, those still hadn't kicked in. My friends who came with me asked if they could smoke, and since they were at my house, and going to smoke my weed, I, (as always.) was more than willing to help them and myself out. We smoked about a gram between us 3, which was fine. But 2 hours later I was feeling everything, vodka and beer included, and I ended up over the toilet puking for an hour. After that I went to bed and woke up with a killer hangover. But a shesh later that day helped treat that.

    Good times.
  14. Never when my friends would puke after a hit I would just think they were dying or someshit and just keep playing halo
  15. Never thrown up while smoking weed, 10+ years. Actually I have but I was also extremely drunk at the time as well. I'll blame the liquors for those instances.

  16. Really, what caused it?
  17. .

    Happened to me quite a bit when I first started smoking,
    I would just burp it out real fast, and then I'd be good.

    Edit: Never thrown up though.
  18. No, if I am really high and I start to think about throwing up then I might, but I always gain control of the feelings when I get high, so it is yet to happen.
  19. never whited from weed, *touch wood* :p
  20. ive thrown up three times before after smoking. But during all three times i had a flu like flu in me.:smoking:

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