Have you ever thought,

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  1. That everything is just so impossible for anybody to comprehend that we will never know how anything works in the world?
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    Yup Its probably an impossibly improbable possibilty.
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    All the time. Then i wonder if im even comprehending the full extent of the implication of the thought i just had. am i comprehending the concept of not being able to fully comprehend anything? Then i wonder if im even comprehending how revolutionary comprehending the idea of comprehending the full extent to which i cannot fully comprehend anything would be. Then i mouth the word comprehend and comprehend how weird it sounds. But do i really? This goes on for a few hours till the stone wears off.
  4. magnets, how do they work?

    who is responsible for this travesty!!

    reveal your secrets this instant!!!
  5. Yes, there are so many things that we will NEVER understand. I just learned to accept that, and to live day by day and not worry about the "big picture".

    set your own goals, don't worry about the "meaning of life"... I believe the purpose of life is just that... living :)

    And listen to some good fucking music too.
  6. But everyone has the same problem;
    No one can comprehend everything so we as humanity know the big picture. Especially having the internet. You can learn what everyone else has learned about their perception of the big picture.
  7. I think people will understand someday theres a lot of people in many different fields with expert knowledge in things on the more faith based side and the science side.
  8. I don't think.

    If I do, I hurt myself.

    So I voted for Obama.

    BAZINGA! Nailed it.
  9. Existentialism.

    How do we know what we think we know is actually what we know?

  10. Plato's Cave Allegory.
  11. [quote name='"DurbanPoison"']

    Plato's Cave Allegory.[/quote]

    Very good job sir. +1 cookies for you.

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