have you ever thought like this

Discussion in 'General' started by FrenchInhale, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. you had an amazing idea while high and it sounded perfect in your head and then while sober you were wondering wtf were you thinking haha
  2. Is this thread going to end up being one of those for you? :D
  3. haha happens all the time
    i always have amazing ideas and i tell people and they're just like wtf?
  4. ALL my ideas
    are bad,
    i mean horribly
    bad, not like, ehh..
    that COULD be a good one,
    but, no, they're all BAD,
    not good, probably ugly

  5. I usually don't figure it out until the aftermath because i'm always blazing :smoke:
  6. Ok I had one that I wrote down haha just a thought not really an invention or nothing..

    We all die eventually so why not do whatever the fuck you want?? You only live once, people would argue reincarnation or there being a heaven and hell which to me also counts as a form of reincarnation bc well it's a new place and a diff life no? Eh fuck it. And how you got to be good and what not but you know you can believe in something all you like but sometimes it's just not true, like if you believed that pigs can fly, they can't. And you don't know 100% what happens after you die so why not do what you want while you're at it? No?
    That's how I justify my smokin lol

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