Have YOU ever talked a "straight edge"person into getting high

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  1. and is it wrong?

    I was a little drunk at a party and I talked my friends younger sister(17) into smoking a bowl with us before that she said shed never smoke weed. I feel a little bad cause it's a choice somebody should make on their own but she didnt turn into a addict or anything.
  2. I say as long as you only ask once and aren't with a bunch of people because then it turns into more of peer pressure then voluntary wanting to smoke.
  3. I've popped a few weed cherry's, I'd rather get them hooked on pot then letting them stray off and end up doing the hard stuff (j/k).... no I'm not. If you talked her in to it, it would have been you or someone else and who do trust more, you or someone else?
  4. i've smoked a few people out on their first time

    the most recent was a buddy from high school from this badass bong i had just bought that day

    ^ btw this kid hasn't smoked since
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    every time i smoke someone down for their first time i get them too high :D both times they havent smoked since
  6. just because you don't smoke weed doesn't mean you're "straight edge". people who "claim edge" specifically choose NOT to incorperate things like drinking and smoking into their life. it's not like you're "straight edge" until you smoke or drink. you're a human, then you get afflicted with edge.
  7. You should never do talk someone into doing something that is against their will.

    If that is not the case, then I would say it is alright.
  8. I just hotboxed the car with another buddy that smokes and my non-smoking buddy in the backseat. :smoke:
  9. on many occasions. My friend kike would call me a drug addict, and then i started smokin around him. ANd I got him to try it but he wouldnt smoke it. SO i cooked up a gram firecracker. About an hour and a half later, were sitting playing videogames, and i start to hear this very heavy breathing and i guess u know the rest
  10. its okay to ask them just once, just offer it you know
    i was always nagging my best friend to smoke with me but i sdtopped cuz its quite obvious that she just doesnt want to and if i did it anymore id just be a jerk :rolleyes:hahah

    and i was straight edge when i was like 12, then i dropped the label shit but i was still very antidrugs and stuff through all of highschool almost. not till my senior year did i smoke weed, i think it was good for me cuz i went through so much shit in my early teen years if i had started smoking i wuolve depended on it and turned into a loser probly
    you should just let ppl be, you know. they know what best for themselves.

    but uh yeah, fuck peer pressure thats made up. unless youre like 13, a person should be able to think for themselves no mattter how dick the ppl around them are being.
  11. whenever im around someone who doesn't smoke i just say "you dont know what you're missing" cuz thats what worked on me... I never ask them to smoke or pressure them in the slightest, cuz in all honesty, id rather not share my weed with someone new to smoking.
  12. i convinced a couple of my old teenage friends to smoke. i hadnt seen them both in 3-4 years and we were at a party and they saw me smoking a blunt outside they came out and asked me if i would smoke them out later in the week. turns out only one of them had virgin lungs. the other one was an Indian that liked hookah alot, he tried to outsmoke me in front of our buddy but failed.
  13. yes i have, it was worth it, the individual in question appreciated it.
  14. lol girls getting stoned for their first time is always funny..... i've seen the most sexy of girls smoke and freak out and act unattractive as fuck.. its like their having a psychedelic experience.
  15. Yeah smoked out quite a few of the "straight edge" crew. Ended up gettin laid off this one girl i smoked up, when she sobered up enough to do anythin of course lol
  16. i KNOW i smoked out a straight edge kid once.. but im trying to think if there was another instance. its funny, he was really scared of it at first haha. eventually i just said "shutup and smoke my weed." he then proceeded to exhale a breath, and inhale some smoke :smoke:
  17. I've got two friends that were totally against weed..all I did was inform them and they chose to smoke on their own :]
  18. Definitely. This girl up at nyu I smoked up ended having bad experiences both times, she just got too high I guess, but she'd only take one bong rip. But one rip and she was like on a mushroom trip, laughing, making odd faces/body positions, all the way to pretty much being unable to control herself at points. But then after like 30 minutes she got sick, I think it's psychosomatic, she's so much fun when she's high too. Too bad...
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    I smoked out this guy ive known for quite some time of recent. He's going to college for like chemistry or something of that nature and he was really curious on what it was like to smoke weed. thing is he wanted to only smoke a blunt, he said a bong seemed too intense and he had tried a small joint a few days prior and it didnt work out. so he thought a blunt was the way to go. well i had some very tasty herb i got from humboldt ( really potent btw ) rolled one up, the blunt maybe had .8 - 1 g and he smoked the whole thing with us. It really blew my mind. we kept asking if he was good and he just kept tokin on it when it came to him. he said he was having a good time for first 20 minutes. He was super chatty and he said it was really intense, he actually said that alot. then i guess he got the spins and starting getting sick everywhere and he prayed to the porcelain god for about 2 hours . i did feel bad. after he came out of the bathroom he looked dead. and i walked him home, but he had a car. that gone.

    What do you do?
  20. how can a blunt only have .8 in it? must have been a tiny blunt, I would say the average blunt probably has upwards of seven grams in it.

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