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Have you ever taken a "Solar Hit"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Musicfreak, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. So me and my friends decided to try this today. Basically you use a magnifying glass to light your bud instead of a lighter. It was fucking awesome, didn't taste like lighter.:hello:

    Anyone else try this?
  2. Nope, but that sounds pretty fucking awesome. I'll have to do it sometime. How long did it take to light it?
  3. Yea, they rock.

  4. With our big-ass magnifying glass, around 15-20 seconds
  5. wow, that's not bad at all. I definitely have to try this out.
  6. never tried it because its hard to do and not many places to try but it really seems pointless fire is fire and weed is weed no matter how you light it you still get high

  7. True, but I can say if I could do without the taste of butane or lighter fluid that would be cool, plus you can get the full flavor of your marijuana you work so hard to buy or grow. Hemp Wicks FTW!

    This "solar hit" sounds like fun, I'll have to give this a try sometime, Do you light it in like a bowl piece or bong or whatever tool you want? or is it more like knifer style?
  8. I've yet to try the most natural way of lighting a bowl, but it's def on my weed to-do list.

    I'd think it would be similar to vaping if you took the hit right before it started to burn, but that might be a challenge.

  9. This definitely possible, I've done it. It's definitely tricky, but after getting used to it it becomes no problem.

    I recently purchased a much bigger magnifying glass (wish I had this puppy back in the summer!) and I have yet to try it out. Once summer rolls around I'll be solar hitting again like no tomorrow!
  10. haha this sounds cool as hell..
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    take your weed, throw it in the microwave, set it off, stop it when you see a lot of smoke, open door, stick head in and inhale..... try it maybe you can be the first to take a microwave hit?!?!
  12. #12 Anubis578, Jan 22, 2010
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  13. When I was at my buddies cottage all I did during sunlight hours was take solar bong rips until it got too dark.:D
  14. You know you're baked when you wrote as soon as the "soon" comes back, SUN
  15. Wear sunglasses though, or the length of your bake will be spent trying to squint through the flaming red dot burned into your eye temporarily.

    It's awesome though, and can even be done with light coming through windows.

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