Have you ever suffered from laughmares?

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  1. Dude I don't know if I have ever experienced one of these, but this is the coolest thing I have ever heard of.........please do explain.....

  2. I think its when you you laugh yourself awake?
  3. Ahh, yes I know, but I was wanting to hear the awesome tales of these epic laughing mares........

  4. Well one tim i suffered from them when i smoked 7 blunts of this purple urple shit. We just ended up laughing at this lady whos grocery bag broke and like 30 apples and oranges just all bounced to the floor and dribbled there way all over the place and we could not stop. It was a big mistake going into the grocery store after smoking so much of this magnifecent herb. We could not stop laughing or grinning and at this point we caused more chaos then the lady with the bag of fruits and vegetables. We just walked away and all these senior citizens got really upset with us so we just ran the fuck out of there laughing our asses off.

    laughmares i guess can be described as laughing uncontrolably in a serious situiation or event. :laughing: :eek: :bolt:
  5. ....Wait.....was that a dream or reality?

    Either way, I know the feeling of having that grin that seems stapled to your face with that uncontrollable laughter.......that stuff is great!
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    If these are not laughmares, then show me an example.
  7. No, laughmares are when you're sleeping, and in the dream you laugh at something so hard you wake up grunting/half-laughing.

    It's happened to me multiple times.

  8. Laughmares arent always dreams dude.
  9. ^_^
    .......this seems right
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuigcXvcy1A]YouTube - Kung Fu Hillbilly - Training Video[/ame]

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