have you ever started a trend?

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  1. im pretty sure i was the first guy to wear these back in middle school
    next thing i know, everybody and they mama got em on so i stopped wearin em

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    I started white board parties at our school where we would all wear white shirts, bring markers and write all over each other, fuck man getting pussy at those parties was easy even for the simplest of simpletons. 
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    i got so good at stealing all the sodas out of the machines at school, that everyone tried to do it, and they fucking broke every single machine. fuckin idiots lol. coca cola changed the design the next year. id like to think i had a part in that
  4. yea I started a pocket watch trend...I was alternative or whatever in high school and found this old pocket watch on a chain and wore it with my chain wallet and it became a thing
  5. in my school district im pretty sure i started the trend of flappy bird while looking on the app store..

  6. From the day I was born, son. :cool:
  7. There was this security guard back in high school that looked exactly like a penguin. He had a bald head but he waddled everywhere, like you would be in class and see him walking the halls like he was on a ice berg. Well I started calling him penguin to my buddies and it caught on through the whole school, 6 years latter my sisters in high school and that's just his name now everyone calls him that.
  8. Started wearing suits to the office... all the dudes start suiting up. Grew a baller beard.. all dudes grow beards.

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  9. I swear I started "eat a dick"
    Yeah, that was me.
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    after i started bringing KFC chicken buckets to lunch, all the niggas at my school started doing it
  11. Loving the answers! Keep it goin you trendsettin muthafckas
  12. I wore Tapout tees before anyone else in my area did. Next year in highschool, everyones got those motherfuckers on

    Alot of people credit me for the TapouT trend in my area
  13. Ha I remember seeing kids wearing those and I would think "Why do their feet look fat?"
  14. I started LA beanies and the "hipster" look
    So I've been told

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  15. in my high school i used to do sharpie tattoos and i would always walk around with my arms inked up , the teachers would tell me to wash it off but fuck the systemmmmm
    needless to say people started doing sharpie tats 
    also in my high school id have my friends sign a pair of my old converses and i still have them <3
    then people started doing that shit too.
  16. That's funny cause I was thinking about posting this topic

    But in middle school I started tech decking at school and literally everyone started doing it. We then advanced to fingerboards. Their wooden and foam grip tape and were expensive.
  17. Yeah I call it bein a motha fuckin G. People try and copy me but most are

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  18. Have you ever heard of Christianity?
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    haha yep...2005, 9th grade...me and my friends started hacksackin' at home and got mad good at it, started doin it at lunch and before schooland shit, next thing we know every fuckin one has a hackey sack, the exact same kind too a little cloth sack from hibbet sports lol. i got into my first fight at that school over hackey sack ahaha but that kid was a fucking douche and everyone knows it. i am pretty sure i was the best at it for the rest of HS too. to this day hackey sack is still popular at those schools. :p 9th grade was considered jr high not high school where i was... 7th 8th 9th were jr high while 5th and 6th were middle school.  weird right? k i'm high and rambling and reminiscing so i'm done now peace
  20. Idk if it's really considered a trend or not, but like my sophomore year me and a few friends would always get up from our lunch table and stand around before lunch was over. Then before you know it when we'd get up and people must have been like "oh it's time to leave the lunch table now?!" and like half the cafeteria started doing it. 
    Then one year we sat in a booth in the corner and when someone would walk over to us or do something stupid we'd all say "Eeyyy" (kinda like fonzy idk lol) and we'd get the whole cafeteria to do it. We always thought that was so fun lol.

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