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Have you ever spontaneously had sensitive teeth? Does smoking weed cause it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by torossia1171, Dec 5, 2022.

  1. I've been smoking weed from plastic water jugs for over a month or two and two days ago I wasn't able to eat takis because they're making my teeth feel sensitive.

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  2. all smoking including weed causes all types of hassle in the mouth

    mostly by drying out the gums
    once the gums dry out they shrink you may hear oldies moaning about
    'how long in the tooth they are'
    this implies they are so old their teeth look like something from under a wharf ... (piers)
    as the skin on ther gums shrink this exposes them to bacteria that easy slip under the gum line causing infection thus rotton teeth , very painful you then get the tooth removed, before long you have few left

    I've longed complained that a 1000mg injection of Vit 'C' into the bacteria should save that tooth,
    but most dentist's are failed doctors and find it difficult to think for themselves

    chewing gum keeps them damp
  3. Flossing daily helps keep my teeth feeling normal.
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  4. What if I stopped smoking right now and just dabbed rosin instead?

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  5. yeah that might work. but I'm no doc
  6. lol
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