Have you ever smoked male plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by redwingsguy, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. I read somewhere that male plants in the early stages, has quite a bit of THC. Would it be on the leaves? I just put in my first germinated seed. I was thinking what you guys usually do with leaves? smoke it? toss it?

  2. Males can be quite potent just before they release pollen! Even when the females are not close to peak potency. The males can supply you with some temporary bud until the females are ready!
  3. damnit I threw mine out.. I smoked some of the leaves and they didn't buzz me for shit

  4. correct....but the size,age,strainand density of growth does make a difference here...smaller plant...less buzz,,and,,the large fan leaves(mainstem) are worthless for buzz material,,the leaves along the growing chutes are better,,,,the slower the leaves are dried the better the buzz when dry..

  5. This is all true. I have just learned the hard way. Some of my males leaves got me a bit high, not great but better than nothing. But the big fan leaves don't do shit, except give you a sore throat.

    When i dry my buds, should i leave the little leaves that poke out of the bud (I'm sure they have a scientific name) attached to the bud, or should i chop 'em off. They look quite potent.

  6. This is often a point of preference...but to answer...leaving the bud leaves on the buds has benefit when it comes to curing the buds,,,,when hung upside down,,the leaves will droop over the buds to help keep moisture from evaporating to fast,,,slower drying over a few weeks as opposed to a week actually thickens the resin and helps with maximizing the potential potentcy...when dry you may then manicure the bud leaves from the buds,,saving the clippings for that "rainy day" when your out of the buds to smoke...

  7. id vote for leave em.. if they are coming off the bud im sure they will do less harm than good

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