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Have you ever smoked before driving?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I'm sure most of you have, because we all know that it's not like alcohol in that aspect.

    Check out this video where this guy does the driving test sober and then after a Fat Spliff.

    Very Interesting results! Check it out!

    Smoking weed while driving
  2. Yes, many times. I like it.
  3. sounds bad but more than 1/2 of the time its while driving
  4. I'm stoned while driving about 479 days out of the year.
  5. did it since the first time ive smoked
    the videos true tho
    its is harder
    and u seem to be going slower
    but u concentrate
    and ur pretty safe
  6. All the time.
  7. dude tru that i love smokin blunts and driving and i never had any problem, many times i have avoided accidents and bad driving by other people stoned as hell. The only problem when smoking buds and driving is making sure you dont get too fucked up and fall asleep.
    almost happened to me. ya
  8. aint nothin better than blazin a J bumpin some tunes with no where to go
  9. Drive high all the time. I seem to zone right into the road and I'm able to easily navigate (especially at high speeds).
  10. I dont have my license, and I have driven drunk and stoned more than sober (in situations of dire need) but mostly drunk, and I usually do better. Driving drunk SUCKS though.
  11. High on the Harley 100% of the time! :smoke:

  12. I smoke before driving all the time.
  13. i rock driving stoned
  14. Only a million times over the last 25 years – never had any incidents at all, I mean absolutely nothing. I used to smoke while driving a logging truck too, never had any problems or any tickets. Good friends of mine used to smoke (a lot) before going to their scaffolding job in the morning and they never messed up or fell off the scaffolds. It's really easy to work stoned, you just have to keep your shit together.

    Used to smoke before ice skating too, that was the best, full speed zigzagging around people for three hours straight, and I never went down or hit anyone ..good times :smoke:
  15. always stoned on the road.
    only accidents have happened when sober. what the fuck, right?

  16. When I'm stoned on the job, I do a GREAT fucking job, but twice the time.
  17. hell yeah its so fun driving high, feels like your floating sorta haha
  18. about a million times. I would roll a blunt and go drive around just to smoke it :D
  19. I'm totally in the minority, but I always try to avoid driving when I'm high. Back in the day I used to do it all the time, then again I was stoned all the time. Nowadays I get too paranoid and want to just get home. Other times I end up at Target or something and wind up spending stupid amounts of money on olives or toys, things that make sense at the time but I end up shaking my head at later. I don't mind at all being a passenger though and sparking a blunt on the road.
  20. I've been driving a motorcycle for 34 years and driven well over 100,000 miles. No exaggeration, about 85,000 miles have been driven while high. I think it helps me to focus on driving. Draw your own conclusions.

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