Have you ever smoked a cigarette?

Discussion in 'General' started by iewed, May 4, 2011.

  1. Never a name brand. Just rollies and cloves
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    Sure have.
  3. Yes, a lot of times.
  4. I'm going to go have one right now.

    I've also drank a beer or two. One time I even drank some whisky. :eek:
  5. A few times. Didn't really like it.
  6. Yeah. About 40,000 of them. Not all at once of course.
  7. Not once in my 40 years have I ever partaken of a tobacco cigarette, and I 'm not going to try one now.
  8. Far too many times to count.
  9. ohhhhh yeah.
  10. not once. well maybe a few times but it was emptied of all tobacco and filled with weed

  11. Damn right lol
  12. Never a full one in one sitting, but I do smoke tobacco occasionally, normally just a few puffs.
  13. I think I have smoked like 3 full cigs. I prefer black and milds, but those are starting to get old.
  14. Started 3 years ago. Stopped 2 months ago exactly.

    It was a nasty habit to pick up, i'm glad i've stopped. I hope to never pick one up again

    :smoke: love my bud!
  15. Smoked a few times. Both times it was nasty and unappealing. Fuck cigarettes.
  16. No but I've emtied a few 2 dollar cigars and filled em with lovely herb
  17. Smoked probably 50 cigs over the past year. I only smoke em like once a month and when I do i usually smoke a whole pack between me and a friend
  18. yes, but i never inhaled

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