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Have you ever slept with a family member?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by RecStoner, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. ^^^ hahahahahahah

  2. be glad i am not in your family i would have messed with the dude till he had a nervous breakdown , sorry the jokes just write themselves
  3. #23 RecStoner, Feb 5, 2011
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    Nah. I'm married...... but a hole and some warmth is good enough for me. Heart beat is optional

    These two chicks would both be my 2nd cousin, I'd slam that shit all day long!

    hell there are people that married their 2nd cousins.... I think Jerry Lee was one of them.
  4. This I have to explain.
    His mom and I were both adopted into the same family. And we'd been together for over year before we figured it out.
    So basically, my adoptive father is related to his adoptive grandfather.
    Make sense?
  5. We are all distant brothers and sisters
  6. i banged my stepsister for a while so yes she is technically family but not blood related. so i dont know how to answer your poll :wave:

  7. uuugghhhh '' white trash '' checking in''

    im down for some family lovin...[​IMG]

  8. I fingered and have received a handjob from my step-sister. We aren't at all related though.
  9. I have two of the sexiest bomb shell cousins in the world. They've been in movies and have model'd for major magazines. I hate to admit it but I'd probably give into temptation.
  10. I have slept with my brother, and grandfather.

    But I never fucked anyone in my family.

    I never liked the term "sleep with" in reference to sex.

  11. lol.. like the little twist at the end.
  12. Does a handjob from my Aunt Margaret's hand puppet count?

    p.s. It was a girl puppet...

  13. Kinky! :ey:
  14. Fenton.. that guy from Home Movies in your avatar always creeped me the fuck out
  15. Fuck that yo, I got mad beautiful cousins... All my cousins are pretty as fuck like 10's.. I wouldnt fuck any of em, the'yre family... I'm getting turned off more and more as I think about that... skeeves me out... Fuckin gross. Goddamn man.

    BUT! I got a sexy ass step cousin, that I don't know at all, been my step cousin for like 4 years maybe... Never even had a conversation with her... I'd smash that. I have no family bond to her at all.. you know what I'm saying? So it's different...
  16. kinda wierd question really but i gotta 2nd stepcousin i would bang...
  17. Haven't been that desperate yet.
  18. I would def do a 3rd cousin but only because I read in an article that a 3rd cousin would be the best genetic match to have a kid with. Something about sharing enough chromosones but not too many to have abnormal genetic defects. Then again, if my 1st cousin is Adriana Lima and she wants to bone. I'd be all over that.
  19. Wait, you mean inscest?!!

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