Have you ever seen your evil twin?

Discussion in 'General' started by Shipwreck, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Have you ever been at a place and then suddenly you see somebody random that looks almost exactly like you?

    I have once at the mall, when I was walking past people I saw my evil twin.
    I was fuckin freaked out lol
  2. or that was you from the future
  3. Shit man...I am my evil twin!:devious:
  4. ya i'm the evil one lol but i did meet my future self once. I was at six flags with a friend and we went on a ride and the guy in line infront of us looked just like me except older. Well once the ride started me and that guy ended up yelling the exact same things (curse words lol) at the exact same time. So we decided that was future me
  5. Ha when I was driving about two weeks ago, I looked in my mirror, and the guy like two cars behind looked exactly like me.

    Was crazy shit, almost crashed cos I was just like wtf??
  6. Bobby hill is the cartoon version of me. Well except I'm not 12.
  7. Ive seen my evil twin, and hes ripped. he looks just like me but hes ripped. I think hes been training his whole life to kill me. I met him at work b/c i was quiting to go back to college. He was the guy replacing me. It freaked me out since i was always stoned.
  8. No I'm unique looking. Not just saying that either.
  9. Maybe your the evil twin. Not saying you are, but why is the other one evil?

    On another note, wouldn't that be funny if 2 of the same twin's posted here hahaha.
  10. Nope. Never saw anyone who resembled me in the slightest. Kinda wish I did though.

    Oh, wait.. There was one person who had the same cheek structure as me.. We got along quite well.
  11. I've never had that happen but I think I am the evil one though...
  12. who knows... your not the evil one? *que inception music*
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    The worst isn't an actual twin but someone with the exact same first name, last name, and middle initial who gets in trouble with the law all of the time. There was a guy from a town I used to live in who I never met but had my name. I was probably 19 or 20, he was in his 40's which the cops never bothered to pay attention to. I would get pulled over quite often because he had done something stupid and the police would be looking for him. They also showed up at my house a few times trying to arrest me until I could convince them to run my social.

    I remember having to do community service for expired insurance one time and while I was doing my thing at the Mission Outreach this chick working with me asked if I was "Scott Lastname" because she had seen it on the sign in sheet. I said yes and she responded with, "Wow! All you got for beating up all of those cops in Little Rock was community service? I saw you in the paper!".

    It even followed me once when I first moved up to where I am now about eight years ago. I was staying at my grandparents at the time and my dad came over. While I was chilling, high, and watching tv my dad comes into the room and says, "So some guy called your mom bitching her out and threatening her because you knocked up his daughter". I was like, "What the fuck?!?". He said something like, "Yeah, she's only sixteen and he's called the police". I didn't know what the hell was going on. Then he started laughing and told me that my mom figured out it was the other guy and the girls dad believed her because he knew the other guy was older and she told him I was younger. I think I had a mini heart attack that day. Being high didn't help at all.

    On topic I have an evil twin in this town and had one in the last town that people always mistake me for. I've been called "Andy" and "Josh" so many times it's just old.
  14. Never. But most if not all my friends have called me and told me to turn around or asked where I was going because they 'saw me'. I was not even close to them at all haha.
  15. I saw my buddies evil twin one time! My buddy was in the car with me, and this dude who looks just like him goes peddling by on a bike. I had to double take on that shit xD

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