Have you ever seen the show DEA on spike?

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  1. You see these huge drug busts where they bust them with these huge elaborate grow set-ups in their basement. And they treat them like they are about to kill. It's one of the saddest sights. You have to watch them destroy such beautiful plants and equipment. Saddest show on television.
  2. This should go in the TV section, but yea, ive seen the show. I feel so torn when i watch it because of what I disagree with, but at the same time its a learning tool for myself, so I feel compelled to learn what I can about the process, although im sure its cut.
  3. Saw a guy get caught with about 40 Lortabs. In Florida that is a mandatory minimum 25 year sentence.
  4. Yeah, I watched like 4h of that marathon yesterday,

    intense show haha
  5. Yeah I know, I saw the marathon and it was like watching the scene where Bambi's mom dies over and over.

    Ouch about the lortabs thing. That is ridiculous in my opinion.
  6. Yeah thats horrible about the lortabs, 40 of them and you get 25 years min?

    People have served lesser sentences for first degree murder for fucks sake:confused:
  7. Its "up to" 25 years, not mandatory, I just saw the episode.
  8. Yeah it's a pretty good show lol, notice in the Marijuana episode he said "I don't want to raid the house unless he has atleast 40 pounds otherwise it's not worth it". So unless you have alot of weight or a big grow up I wouldn't worry TOO much.

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