Have you ever seen a ghost?

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  1. Seriously? And not one person believes you but you really did see something?

    I was 7 yrs old and visiting my grandparents. I was going to to go the bathroom so I walked down the hall towards the bathroom. As I was passing my grandparents room, I got this urge to look in their room as I walked by. So I glanced over and saw a glowing light in the shape of a woman. It was too bright to see a face or what it was wearing, it was this bright white light. It felt like my feet were glued to the floor and I couldn't move or speak. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared and I never saw it again. I ran crying to my mom but she said it was bc we were watching Unsolved Mysteries and it was scaring me :rolleyes:
  2. Saw a shadow person once
  3. 9/10

    Frosty as fuckkk. How much did that cost?
  4. shadow people>glowing woman figures
  5. I've never witnessed a ghost, although, I have experienced some odd things.. Such as doors closing on their own and objects moving themselves.
  6. ive seen some weird shit as well. not like evil ghosts. just regular ghosts. but havent actually seen a ghost. one time on L i thought i did. but i was just trippin really hard
  7. my mom mom swears she saw a ghost at my dads old flower shop on South St. in Philly. i believe her. parts of the shop were freaky as fuck

  8. wrong thread?
  9. People never believe me when I say this, but we were using the Ouija board and this "ghost" was saying all kinds of mean shit so everyone took their hands off the pointer and it started moving on it's own right off the table, no joke.
  10. Bob Marley is overrated

  11. I believe you man, I would never fuck with one of those things personally.

    I agree, I like his philosophy in reference to marijuana but his music is just so-so in my opinion.

  12. Hell yeah, It was my parent's, they were young hippies. They burned it that night.
  13. I did once. Never again
  14. I would research "Shadow People" atm but its past midnight and im in an old European building so no thanks, it can wait till tmrw :smoke:

    Never heard of this before
  15. Ive never seen a bodied ghost... but the last house i lived in was haunted up its ass, not scary, just haunted haha. The cupboards upstairs (my room was in the basement) would open and close through out the night, some would just stay open. My bathroom door, the type that slides into the wall, not a swinging door, would open and close sometimes, light would go on and off, hell, anything with an on off switch would turn on and off randomly, never the radio though... most people have that happen, my ghost just didnt dig music i guess lol. But an old lady died in the house like 7 years before we bought it and her and her husband built it so no surprise as to why it was haunted haha. Never spoke too, or actually saw the ghost however.... it may have been too "young" too be that type of specter
  16. There's this place called the Hinckley residence near me. This one dude named John Hinckley I think liked to make carvings in stone. It's now a park attraction, and it's really quite cool, because it's all set in the woods, and theres a sphinx and part of a face, anyway. I don't really believe in ghosts, but this was suspicious. The place is owned by Park's & Rec, so no one lives in it. We go there once at like 3:00 AM to show my friend the place, but decided not to waltz in the woods in pitch dark. So I look into the window, and whilst I saw nothing in the daytime, at night, I saw what appeared to be a black parasol just chilling straight up in the kitchen (the windows were all open). I was thinking wtf. The creepiest part is that when we pulled out and away, I thought I saw shoulder outlines.

  17. care to explain?
  18. Nope. Never have. I do believe in them though.
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    No. I'd like to though because I'm an atheist and it'd have to change my beliefs.

    Its not that I enjoy it, its just that through how I see the world there is no place for it. If I saw a ghost I would have to rethink all that.

    My mom claims that when she was in school, in the house she grew up in there used to be a white light that would float around the house. My grandpa would throw shoes at it and yell at it to leave. She said the dog used to chase it barking too. One of her school friends saw it and wouldn't come back to the house.

    I think she said it went away after her aunt died. (Her aunt lived next door, in a house joined to theirs)
  20. You know, Cottonmouth, being an Atheist and believing in ghosts can go hand in hand.
    Think of it like this: If a ghost was really just one of the many dimensions interfering with ours. If the Multiverse theory is legit, then other dimensions run in every contemplative scenario. What if they just...visited ours? That's both scientifically what the fuck, and mindfucky all at once!

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