Have you ever seen a ghost or had a paranormal experience?

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  1. When i was working at an old camp in the kitchen, alot of people reported seeing ghosts or having weird things happen but i didnt really believe it cause i worked there 2 years and never seen anything weird until one night when I was prepping food for the next morning by myself. It was about 11:00 at night, the doors going out of the kitchen into the dining hall were open and the dining hall was dim light cause we were getting ready to close everything up. As i was prepping food a person in the dining hall walked by the outside of the kitchen doors like they were going toward the hostess closet. I walked out to the dining hall so i could ask them if they needed anything or if i could help them with anything. I walked out and didnt see anyone, i went to the hostess closet and there was know one in there. and all the doors to the dining hall were locked. i was was pretty freaked out, luckly i dont work at that job anymore.
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  3. My question is why you left the kitchen.
  4. cause i thought someone was out in the dining hall, but there was nobody there.
  5. Yes.

    Old building at night, walking down the hall way and decided to knock on one of the doors and heard a voice say "Come in". No one was around at the time

    Same place, you will at times smell cigarette smoke, which I have.

    After telling people, many people have said things like that have been happening and the smoke is supposed to be the doctor who used to perform surgerys in that place and apparently he smoked ALOT.
  6. Yes, but that is your work station and where you belong.
  7. why were you making breakfast at night
  8. because its an industrial kitchen and we make mass quantities of food. We have to prepare everything that is going to be cooked in the morning. We had to have all the food ready for about 500 campers by 8:00 the next morning.
  9. the kitchen and dining hall was my work station at that time.

  10. Kill them kill them all

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