Have You Ever Seen A Bong With More Than 3 Percs?

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  1. i never thought of this until a minute ago and so i decided to google search it.

    didn't have much luck with that so i even tried searching it on here.

    still nothin, i didn't do extensive looking, but have you ever seen one?

    i don't think it would be very necessary or practical to have more than three, but i would think there has to be some out there. You know ones that were made just for the hell of it, i mean i think it would be pretty cool to have a bong with like 5 percs on it, as long as the drag wasn't so bad, i just think it would look cool....

    so anyone have any pictures of one, or has anyone ever seen one?
  2. [​IMG]

    Thats Dubc1231's quad perc.

    Honestly, the more percs you have the more drag you add. Not a big fan of too many percs.
  3. Damn, 4 percs and a double chamber ash catcher/bubbler. Overkill anyone? :D
  4. ^^ thats two.
  5. 2 x 3 arms + diffused downstem

    $160 CAD (140 USD)
  6. ok then techniqueally some TORO's are 21 perc'd bongs.

    I think thats just the number of trees he talking about..
  7. yes of course

    someone posted his 30 arm tree toro not too long ago...
  8. first bong looks hard to clear just bcuz of so much fucking drag man
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    a friend of mine has a 5 perc bong. lemme get a pic of it up


  10. There out there, but I would never get one , maybe if it was a strait shot and had very little drag-- but that seems impossible
  11. I have a 5 perc at home, they definitely exist, although I like my 3 perc more than my 5 perc anyways. The more percs there are the more resistance there is against the smoke.
  12. yea theres some bluedot 5 x hook percs @ a local shop... looks like drag city
  13. that's what i posted above & yes it does have a good amount of drag. It's fun to hit sometimes when i'm over at his place though
  14. where you from? jw...
  15. i bet a 5 x 8 arm with open bottom trees would be ok, as far as drag goes
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    Not alot of percs, but alot of trees and diffusion!

    It's made by JP from Toro. This pic is from TC btw

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