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Have You Ever Said fuck It, Followed By A Huge Smoking Session?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HighAsPhuck, May 19, 2013.

  1. I just feel like it's one of those things that has happened to the best of us. 

  2. One time I was going out with this girl who didn't like me smoking, so I picked up my pipe and said "I don't give a fuck" and took a toke.
  3. "Fuck it," as in: No man, I am not going to smoke, but then you decide to have a session anyhow.
    "Fuck it," as in: YOLO BRO, LET'S DROP THE KUSH NOW, and you decide to have a session.
    Or something else?
    You can do a lot with "fuck it."
    I totally think you're zooted right now because this is something I would say. I feel you bro.
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  4. I backed into a wall with y leased car. It made a little dash.... In the bumper... I said, fuck it....
  5. one time i walked in the club like waddap bitches YOLO!
  6. "fuck it" is the modo of my life.
  7. My homeboys parents (who never allow smoking inside the house) left for the weekend and told him he wasn't allowed to have anybody over while they were gone. Of course we had about 8 people over in the back yard for a smoke session as soon as they left.
    After about 45 minutes It started pouring and he didn't have a covered porch. So he said fuck it! And we ended up hot boxing the shit out of his room.
    Come 2-3AM we hear the front door being unlocked and his parents coming inside. Long story short he got grounded for a month and his parents never let me come over anymore.
    Fuck iiiiiiiit!!!
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  8. Had 2 grams left. Didn't want to smoke it all. Fwwaakkk EEiiittt,  :bongin:  :hippie: .
  9. drivin along, cop behind me and a cop driving by me. going past a police station, thought "fuck it' throw my hands up in the air to get their attention and hit the bong, while driving. Needless to say it was such a 'fuck it' moment that it rubbed off on the police and they didn't do shit.

    Fuck It.
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  12. Thats how the best seshs start, when yall got something you should probably be doing but fuck it!
  13. this was a daily occurrence in the six months before my dissertation deadline
  14. Hell yeah man I was just thinking about making a thread like this.
    I had my last final for physics last week, and knew I had like no chance of passing..
    Long story short, I said fuck it and smoked a bowl before the exam and managed a 44 o_O. Still got a C+ in the class so :bongin:
  15. My grinder was full of kiefy weed, so I put a nickel inside of it and shook it very hard to knock all the kief through the screen.
    This was during my lunch break, and because I knew that both of my supervisors were out that day, I decided to vape all the
    kief plus some bud.  Needless to say, I said "phuck it" before I vaped all of it and went back inside of the building.   I was so high.
  16. Yes many times. Then followed by said huge smoke sesh was a failed probation UA. I no longer live by the "fuck it" motto. :smoke:
  17. Katt Williams: "Weed has a chemical called fuck it"! 
  18. Yeah,just bought my bong with a tree perc in it haha. Arrive at house,can't try it i'm gonna be high and my dad coming home soon.
    awwwwww,fuck it.
  19. I'll probably have one of these moments soon. I've been wanting to roll a fatass cone since yesterday.
  20. Professional procrastinator so I say "fuck it" all the time.

    Bored? Maybe I should catch up on homework. Fuck it ill do it later.

    Sometime fuck it can fuck yo though.
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