Have you ever rejected anybody?

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    :p Hi blades! Far too often we feel the pang of pain from being rejected...however...sometimes the tables are turned and its US who gets to reject somebody once in a while...

    However, if you have a story about being rejected, feel free to vent off the heartbreak here, you're more than welcome to.

    My story:

    I was in 9th grade gym class, and we were participating in free time/aka free sports. Near the far wall of the gym my good friend was sitting down with a chick that was REALLY hot (that I had a crush on). He was giving her a back massage for some reason...

    I headed over, and trying to be funny, told him to let me try to give her one. Amazingly, he agreed and moved over, so I sat down and begin to rub her back. 5 seconds later she turned around and said to me, "mmmm...I would totally date you. :eek:" Me and my friend: :eek: !!!!!

    Me being an idiot in shock, I simply laughed, patted her on the shoulder, got up and left. The look on her face was shocked. About 3 hours later during my walk to the bus, did it finally hit me. She asked me out. My reaction? Priceless. My friend later said the look on her face was also priceless...

    Anyways, enough from me, let's hear yours!
  2. You gave that bitch a back massage?:confused:
  3. *shrug* yeah, I guess it was pretty common in my school :smoke: it's not like she was naked, just imagine sitting cross-legged behind some girl and rubbing her back :hello:
  4. Damn dude, I definitely would've gotten back to her
  5. When I was in 4th grade there was this chick who was a total bitch to everybody and she told me she liked me and I shot her down
  6. Lol you rejected yourself man. sounds like you missed a golden, but hey you were young :)
  7. I have rejected around 10 girls over the summer. They would always ask me to hang out and I would make up an excuse. Didn't really realize they liked me at the time cause I was heart broken and just wasn't interested in other girls.
    I just realized today what a dumbass I am. :(
    For any blades reading this, if you are heart broken but other chicks wanna hang out, DO IT! I regret not doing it. I could have found a future girlfriend and been happy instead of being mopey alone in my room. And even if they don't become your future girlfriend it still is nice to go out and get some confidence and have fun even though you feel like you won't, you will!
    "Fuck ex's. The future is where it's at!"-reefercrazyness. Remember and live by those words all you heart broken guys out their.
  8. yeah you rejected yourself...ive done that a lot. usually girls don't straight up just "ask you out", they'll give you hints and want you to be the one that clearly articulates that you're asking them out. one time i truly rejected this girl though. she asked me to junior prom..she was kinda hot but she was like 6 feet tall and I'm short and I was too insecure and said no.
  9. yeah i did once....huge mistake :/
  10. what she doing now? you can try to get with her
  11. these 2 girls were arguing in the hallway at school one was decent the other an absolute fuckin dime most beautiful girl ive seen and most would agree anyways i walk up on them they were going back and forth saying to wich one of them i belong like C is mine NO C is mine they both look at me and say so wich one of us do you want?? Im like ah fuck akward i picked the dime was with her for a min this was 8th grade
  12. ive been rejected so many times.. why? because i always try for the dimes of the room/party. if im on the prowl bro im on the prowl for the prize. but again, ive also succeeded plenty of times.
    heres me rejecting and getting rejected the worst..
    i went to prom sophomore year with my best friend as my date, he invited me and he was a junior. i went fuckin haaaaaaaaammered lol, and high as hell. there was a senior there and she was smokin. my school is pretty small so she knew me and i knew her, i actually partied with her before.
    well anyways, a real nice grinding song came on and this pretty cute girl i knew a year older than me started grinding on me and i was like naa.. i gotta do something.. walked 5 feet over to this senior and tried grinding with her and got abbbbbbbbbbsolutely rejected hahaha...
  13. OMG yes listen to this shit. I was seeing this cute lil mexican chick a while back ... Anyways she had just had a kid not long before I met her. Not a big deal for me. She was cute. Well one night it was about to get hot and heavy we were making out and she lifted her shirt and her stomach was like some1 had twisted it up then released it and it didn;t go back to where it was supposed to. And not thinking when she lifted her shirt I said "Oh Hell No". Needless to say she slowly put her shirt down and I went home. I felt bad she looked real hurt and discusted by the remark. But fuck man I gots standards and a nasty ass belly aint one. If that makes me a dick oh well sorry.

  14. were you talkin to me? lol if so it was years ago when me and her were really good friends and we were still good friends after that for awhile but then she turned all dumb and i dont want that lol but if i woulda said yes mabye shed still be a cool cat :( lol

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