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have you ever reached your stopping point

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ante up, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. go ahead and include the story

    2gs in blunts with a new strain, couple day tolerance break, after lax practice with some friends, i told them to skip me haha. all i remember is shaking terribly.
  2. Never had it happen. Maybe if I munch too much and get a bad stomachache and have to sleep lol
  3. I was hitting my friends bong with some no name dank, and after 10 or 11 bowls I got super spacey and had to lay down. I passed out on my friends couch :p
  4. Yesterday lol
  5. It was after coming back from a 6 month tolerance break. I went over to my best friend's house and he had a zong that I hadn't hit yet. He brings out some delicious weed that was covered in wax as well. So I took one hit out of the bong as if I hadn't taken the tolerance break, you know, iron-lunging that shit. After that ridiculous hit, it just knocked me off my ass and I was high as motherfucking fuck.

    Ever since then, I haven't gotten that high. Close, but not quite.
  6. I hit my stopping point every time I run out of flower :(
  7. was my first full bowl of kief...about halfway through it hit me that I packed waayyy too much :D
  8. My friend put me on some Super Silver Haze after a 2 1/2 month break. I rolled a blunt and smoked it sitting on one of the couches. About halfway through, I started trippin. Everybody I saw dancing had trails when they moved with the strobe lights and lasers. Girls' makeup looked scary through all the effects. I felt like curling up and going to bed on the couch. Lol. Shit looked like demons.

    I put the blunt out. Put the rest in my pocket and walked outside and went to a bar. Much more chill. Lol. Can't get away with smoking my herb in a bar tho.
  9. yes, lol i couldn't hang out with a couple of my friends and so instead i decided to toke alone for that day, and i think i may have smoked like an entire gram, but im a light weight and i only started toking like 4 months ago.

    i felt sick and tired thats it, i went to sleep and i woke up and felt fine!

  10. True
    Always happens
    Waking up feels dank
  11. 4 friends and myself got 10gs of dank and just sat around packing hits into the bong and passing blunts. I swear I went cross eyed at least once for a sec

    "I thought hurricane season was over"

    Pineapple Express
  12. For real though, the only time I can remember that I had to stop without any extraneous factors, I smoked a 4.5 g double stack coated in co2 oil between me and this chick on a cruise. Took about fourty minutes to smoke it down halfway and we were straight retarded.. I got home put that thing out and woke up the next day on my basement floor hahaha.

    Totally fkin gongshowed :p
  13. I puked yesterday after taking about 15 dabs ...don't tell anyone. Buddy brought over his new g-pen :smoking:
  14. I have no stopping limit on just bud.. Add some Stella in and I'm spinning add some flake in and I'm that's lights out moment once the buzz dies.. But bud alone nahhh I just space out on gw2 or fifa13 lol
  15. The second time I smoked. We smoked out of an apple pipe. I had no idea what was a lot of weed. We just kept repacking the bowl and I didn't know any better, I didn't even feel anything. Than it hit me.

    I turned the light off, got under the blanket and told my friend to shut everything the fuck off and go to bed because they're coming for us. I never told him who was coming for us.
  16. With any drug do some research before using it

    "I thought hurricane season was over"

    Pineapple Express
  17. Yeah its hard to anymore though. Usually if I just got off a t break, and im smoking with my buddies who didnt take one, I feel like a puss bcs I always say im good after a bowl or two.

    With a tolerance I could smoke an oz and never reach that level. Its a totally different high
  18. How long do you t break for?

    "I thought hurricane season was over"

    Pineapple Express

  19. You do know you can put that Pineapple Express quote in your signature and you don't have to paste it all the time. Go to your account and put it in your signature.
  20. It was just me and one other friend, out of our group me and him are the ones who like to smoke a ridiculous amount and just get blitzed lol. But we start off hot boxing this little truck thing the have. Hard to explain it but it was almost as small as those little smart cars you see. Anyways we smoke 3 b's in there and then were just like fuck this lets go back inside and continue to blow. I think we were on number 6 ( every time a b was out we lit another) and I'm just so fucked up haha. For the first and only time I was like man I can't smoke no more. I get up to go lay down and I'm about halfway there and I just get lightheaded af and completely loose my balance and jus fall backwards. I was down for like 30 minutes, could barely move and throwing up so much. After I threw up tho I was ready to go again.

    Shorter story. Blew like a quarter with a friend in a setting, pretty much just greened out and threw up my guts

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